Another Harris Teeter Go for the Gold Promo Scenario

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Harris Teeter is running a Go For the Gold Promo this week that is SUPER FUN.  There are some great deals.  Buy $50 of participating products, get $20 gift card.  At the register a code will print along with a website to visit and enter the code.  You can get your gift card digitally or via mail.

You can find the list of participating items here.  You can find the original scenario here.

Here is a second scenario I am planning:

5 Coke 12 pks 5/$10
5 Kelloggs Cereal 5/$9

  • (2) Froot Loops
  • (2) Frosted Flakes
  • (1) Krave Cereal

5 Pop Tarts 5/$7
5 Nutrigrain Bars 5/$9
4 Jif Peanut Butter- 4/$8
4 Smuckers 4/$8

Total Due: $51.00


Use (2) .50/1 Kellogg’s Froot Loops Cereal, 8.7 oz or larger
Use (1) $1/2 Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Cereals, 10.5 oz or larger
Use (1) 50¢/1 Krave Cereal zip 77477
Use (1) $1/3 Pop Tarts
Use (2) $1/2 Nutrigrain Printables Kelloggs Family Rewards Bonus Code printable
se (2) $1/2 Jif Peanut Butter (Bonus KelloggsRewardsCode)
Use (2) $1/1 Smuckers  (Bonus KelloggsRewardsCode)
se (5) $0.50/1 Coke 6 pk Hangtags (3 double, 2 face value)

Total Coupon Discounts: $15.00
Total OOP: $36.00
Submit for $1 Checkout 51 offer  for Froot Loops
Submit for $20 Rebate

Total Cost; $15.00 for 28 items or 54¢ each.


Any post on this website may include Affiliate Links.
See my Disclosure and Privacy Policy here.


  1. Rose Greene says

    where do you get the hang tags for the coke? I just checked my Harris Teeter and the coke did not have any.

  2. Linda says

    Thanks Jessie! I bought $51.08 and paid oop $35 and got the code for $20. It was great FUN.
    Where did you get the hangtags for coke, I have not seen those?

    • Linda says

      Kelloggs Rewards just sent me great coupons and some can be used on this promo, Jif-$1/2 and Smuckers $1/1. Be sure to check your email. I might have to go back. FUN!

        • sammy says

          You get those coupons if you enter a code from a specially marked box of Kelloggs products. Has to say “$15 in coupons” on the box. HTH

  3. Alyce says

    I had a nightmare doing mine!!!! The items that were shown here were not tagged for the promo, and I asked two different supervisors about it. Things were also priced more than what I thought.
    And the issue is, you won’t know if you got the correct things until the end of the transaction where it will or will not print off the catalina. It is not as though it will say part of the promotion on the screen when it is initially rung up.

    • says

      Very few items were tagged but all the ones I listed are participating. I had no issue except with the Frosted Flakes not working- but we resolved that.

    • Linda says

      Alyce- It was confusing with all the different prices to me too. I didn’t know until the total of $51.08 came up after they scanned my vic card. The total before that was $99.00 so I thought I had overspent. But-worth every minute for what I got.

      • susan s says

        We get our evic deals in our emails&we have a harris teeter free app which tells us our evic deals,so either way we can look them up b4we shop to see how much to take off for evic. But u r right,we don’t get all of them,so more comes off at the register. I keep telling my daughter,wo,I didn’t think our stuff was that high&she keeps telling me mom,evic hasn’t come off yet.

    • susan s says

      Prices r often shown for non vic&non evic members which is way higher&sometimes they r just shown way higher. Ask customer service to do a price check. U won’t regret it. Eg we had$49ff coupon of multi pks of protein shakes that a different website said were on sale for $4.49,what a deal. When we got to the store they were marked $8.89. We had customer service do a price check&to her surprise sure enough they rang up $4.49even though they were tagged about double that price. So have customer service do a price check on items u expected to be lower.

  4. says

    The nutrigrain bar coupon that printed for me from the breakfast rewards states that it’s $1 off of fruit when you buy 2 nutrigrain bars.

  5. Lynne says

    I know it’s not listed, but Kellogg’s Cinnamon Jacks will work for the 5/$9 deal. I got them today in my deal. Coupons are all gone, but if you had already printed them from the Kellogg’s site, it makes a great deal.

  6. Jennifer Callahan says

    I do not have coupons other than from the paper and the few on Does anyone have any scenarios for someone with a more limited coupon collection?

  7. Sarah says

    Hey do you know if the final total after coupons has Tibet $50? Two cashiers last night both agreed that I had to scramble around the store toads more products so the AFTER coupon total on P & G was $50 in order for the Catalina to print. It was stressful.

    Also, where can we find a complete list of products included in the Go For The Gold promo so we can save time and doubt while we are gathering products. A lot of P & G products were included without the Go For TheGold paper attached on the shelf. Where may we find a list so we candoublecheckbefore we get to checkout???

    • susan s says

      I did2transactions today,one was $51b4 coupons&the other was a lil more,one after coupons just went a lil under $50,the other went a lot under$50&got2catelinas
      for a $20gift card each,so$40total for my2gift cards.

  8. Rose says

    Is the $50 total BEFORE or AFTER ZVRs, evic card is swiped & coupons? I had a problem last time during OLd ElPaso instant rebate! One .63 ZVR reduced my total & the rebate didn’t come off my total!

          • Jenn says

            THANKS! The store got it to work. :o) But I have another question- how do I redeem my reward instantly? I signed on to do it, filled out the information, and it said it would be mailed in 2-4 weeks. I am going to do another deal scenario now and don’t want to make the same mistake when I redeem it.

    • Lydia says

      It is $50 after ZVRs and VIC card, before Coupons. It reads it has after Harris Teeter Promos. Coupons handed to cashier are not considered Harris Teeter Promos.

    • susan s says

      Evic coupon can only be used once. I got2milks today for cheap for my evic,cause my limit was2,but had I only bought1,I wouldn’t be allowed to get the2nd one some other time cause I already did my milk evic deal&if I only bought1I just forfeited my2nd1.

  9. susan s says

    Jessie,thank u so much for all this info. Also if superdoubles is really going to start feb19th,how far in advance can we expect a sneak peak?;)

    • says

      I *hope* to have confirmation by Thursday, a reg, price list up on Friday and the ad by Sunday BUT I am leaving out of town Saturday so it may be a bit later.

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