AWESOME Scenario for Target $10 gift card promo

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There is a GREAT stacking of the gift card deals at Target!

The first one will require access to 2 computers:

You will need to go HERE and print (2) sets off each computer of the following coupons:
$2/2 Candles
$2/2 Holiday Items
$1/1 Scented Oil Candles


Go HERE and print the $1/2 Glade Holiday Target coupon (under Grocery)

So you will have (4) of each coupon and the target coupon.  Then print THIS $10 gift card offer wyb $50 at Target

Then head to the store and buy :
(8) jar Candles
(8) ANY of the $2.50 Holiday Items
(4) Scented Oil Candle Holders

as each 5 items are rung up it will prompt them to give you a $5 gift card.  You will get (4) $5 gift cards

Total Due: $50
Give the $10 offer coupon
Then give the rest of the coupons

YOU will pay a total of $29+ Tax
You will leave with (4) $5 gift cards and a $10 gift card= $30 in gift cards so you get all the money you pay (less tax) back in gift cards!


If you only have access to one computer you can do this deal:
Print 2 of each coupon: from HERE
$2/2 Candles
$2/2 Holiday Items
$1/1 Scented Oil Candles

Print the Target $1/2 Glade Holiday coupon HERE

Use (2) $1.50/2 Jar candle from SS 12/2
Use (2) $1.50/2 Glade Winter Products from SS 12/2
Use (2) 55/1 Glade Premium Room Spray

(8) Jar Candles
(8) Any Holiday Item
(2) Scented Oil Candles
(2) Glade Premium Room Spray

As each 5 items are scanned you will get a $5 gift card for 4 total
Give the $10 Target Gift card coupon
Give the rest of the coupons
Total Due: $31.90
You will leave with 20 glade items and $30 in gift cards for a final “cost” after gift cards of $1.90 for all 20 items


Any post on this website may include Affiliate Links.
See my Disclosure and Privacy Policy here.


  1. Kelly says

    I just went and used this offer and it worked perfectly. I got 20 glade products for $29 and got back $30 in gift cards. Then I got a proglide razor and cartridge using (2) $5.00 off coupons and (1) $10.00 off coupon and a large box of pampers diapers. All three of these items also get you a $5.00 gift card. So all in all I walked away with the following…

    - 20 glade candles cost $50 – $20 in coupons = $30
    - 1 (100 count) pampers diapers $34.99 – $2 in coupons = 32.99
    - 1 profusion razor $9.49 – 2 ($5) coupons = FREE
    - 1 profusion cartridge $14.99 – $10 coupon = $4.99
    - $45 in gift cards!!!
    *So I really only paid $23.00 for all of those items*

  2. britt says

    did this deal today- spent $37.50, used $17. in coupons, received $15. back in gift cards… so basically paid $5.50 for 15 Glade items!

  3. Jessika says

    I cant not get the traget coupons to print, and i have tried from more than one computer…. so frusterating!! :(

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