AWESOME Scenario for Target $10 gift card promo

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There is a GREAT stacking of the gift card deals at Target!

The first one will require access to 2 computers:

You will need to go HERE and print (2) sets off each computer of the following coupons:
$2/2 Candles
$2/2 Holiday Items
$1/1 Scented Oil Candles


Go HERE and print the $1/2 Glade Holiday Target coupon (under Grocery)

So you will have (4) of each coupon and the target coupon.  Then print THIS $10 gift card offer wyb $50 at Target

Then head to the store and buy :
(8) jar Candles
(8) ANY of the $2.50 Holiday Items
(4) Scented Oil Candle Holders

as each 5 items are rung up it will prompt them to give you a $5 gift card.  You will get (4) $5 gift cards

Total Due: $50
Give the $10 offer coupon
Then give the rest of the coupons

YOU will pay a total of $29+ Tax
You will leave with (4) $5 gift cards and a $10 gift card= $30 in gift cards so you get all the money you pay (less tax) back in gift cards!


If you only have access to one computer you can do this deal:
Print 2 of each coupon: from HERE
$2/2 Candles
$2/2 Holiday Items
$1/1 Scented Oil Candles

Print the Target $1/2 Glade Holiday coupon HERE

Use (2) $1.50/2 Jar candle from SS 12/2
Use (2) $1.50/2 Glade Winter Products from SS 12/2
Use (2) 55/1 Glade Premium Room Spray

(8) Jar Candles
(8) Any Holiday Item
(2) Scented Oil Candles
(2) Glade Premium Room Spray

As each 5 items are scanned you will get a $5 gift card for 4 total
Give the $10 Target Gift card coupon
Give the rest of the coupons
Total Due: $31.90
You will leave with 20 glade items and $30 in gift cards for a final “cost” after gift cards of $1.90 for all 20 items


Any post on this website may include Affiliate Links.
See my Disclosure and Privacy Policy here.


  1. Charity says

    Just an FYI….I was able to print ffrom the same computer more than once, using different email addresses when registering at rightathome!

  2. Kelly says

    I just went and used this offer and it worked perfectly. I got 20 glade products for $29 and got back $30 in gift cards. Then I got a proglide razor and cartridge using (2) $5.00 off coupons and (1) $10.00 off coupon and a large box of pampers diapers. All three of these items also get you a $5.00 gift card. So all in all I walked away with the following…

    - 20 glade candles cost $50 – $20 in coupons = $30
    - 1 (100 count) pampers diapers $34.99 – $2 in coupons = 32.99
    - 1 profusion razor $9.49 – 2 ($5) coupons = FREE
    - 1 profusion cartridge $14.99 – $10 coupon = $4.99
    - $45 in gift cards!!!
    *So I really only paid $23.00 for all of those items*

  3. britt says

    did this deal today- spent $37.50, used $17. in coupons, received $15. back in gift cards… so basically paid $5.50 for 15 Glade items!

  4. Jessika says

    I cant not get the traget coupons to print, and i have tried from more than one computer…. so frusterating!! :(

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