Betty Crocker Small Size Pouch Review and Giveaway: ENDED


I was provided a gift set identical to the one the winner of the giveaway will receive by BlogSpark on behalf of Betty Crocker in order to write this review.  All opinions & statements are my own.

Congrats to Heather L.!

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker products (and cook books!) are a staple in my house.  My kids love to bake and now that the oldest is 10 she can actually do most of it herself.  The biggest problem we have is making a big batch of cookies and either only half get eaten and the rest go state or I personally eat them all and then have to buy new pants….

So I am excited about these new small pouches by Betty Crocker.  They are reintroducing a new line of $1 pouches, including  cookies, brownie, muffins, Bisquick® biscuits, pancakes, and pizza crust! They are great for my kids to do independently (except the oven part!) because they only require water and a little butter!

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mandyMy daughter Amanda was so excited to make the chocolate chip cookies!  They made just the perfect amount for our afternoon snack and took very little time!  Saving time (not making a huge batch that won’t be used) and money (only $1 per pouch) makes this mom just as happy as the kids who were eating the warm cookies!

betty crocker 2

Want to win a prize pack?  It includes:

  • One of each flavor of Betty Crocker Small Pouches: Choc. Chip Cookies, Blueberry Muffin, Cheese Garlic Biscuits
  • Apron with detachable towel
  • 2 oven mitts
  • $10 Walmart gift card

Leave a comment on THIS blog post with which of the three pouches (Chocolate Chip, Blue Berry Muffin or Cheese Garlic Biscuits) you think will be your favorite.
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The giveaway begins at 06:01 pm EST 8/1 and ends 11;59 pm EST 8/5

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  1. Renee says

    I have been big on biscuits lately and love garlic/cheese!! Can’t wait to try these out…mmmm

  2. Sandie Simpson says

    I can’t wait to try these new small size pouches. The blueberry muffins for breakfast, the chocolate chip for a lunch time snack and the cheese garlic biscuits for dinner. Yumm!

  3. Leigh says

    The cheese garlic biscuits definitely! and small packages will let my daughter bake more often without me having to buy new pants from eating the ‘extras’!! Thanks!

  4. says

    I am bedridden most of the time now and my husband is my sole caregiver. He does all the cooking. I believe the small pouches of the cheese/garlic biscuits would be perfect for the two of us. We certainly don’t need cookies since both of us are trying to keep our weight down for healthier hearts!

    I think this is a terrific idea for us older folks. (We will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this month!)


  5. Joanna R says

    Our family loves garlic and cheese biscuits….so that would most likely be our favorite!

  6. says

    Although I love blueberry muffins, I would love to try the garlic cheese biscuits. I love garlic cheese from one of my favorite restaurants so this would be a great way for me to get that taste whenever I want it. I would love to win this so my granddaughter has her own apron when she helps me cook.

  7. Angela Wilson says

    I know I will enjoy all of them but my family will probably enjoy the cookies the most:)

  8. says

    This is going to be perfect. I make brownies, muffins or cookies for my husband for his fishing trips. These sizes will be great, and I know he’ll love the Chocolate Chip, Blue Berry Muffin or Cheese Garlic Biscuits as well as the fudge brownie mix. Personally, I know I’ll like the cornbread and the garlic biscuits.

  9. Stephanie Whitaker says

    My daughter is 9 and once she read this said she is ready to bake too! lol She wants to make the chocolate chip cookies:)

  10. holly hunter says

    My 5 year old little girl would love this! She loves helping mommy in the kitchen and has turned into quite the little chef. :) We love chocolate chip cookies.

  11. Stephanie says

    Love the idea of the smaller pouches! I know I’ll be trying them all. I think the blueberry muffins will be a favorite at my house. Easy to make a couple in the morning for breakfast.

  12. Cammie C says

    Hmmm, all 3 sounds delicious but if I have to narrow it down to one, I guess it would have to be the chocolate chip cookies.

  13. Jennifer says

    The garlic cheddar biscuits sound the so yummy!!! Blueberry muffins would probably be great too :)

  14. Joyce Armstrong says

    So excited to introduce my granddaughter to cooking. She is 13 months and already is obsessed with my kitchen and all it’s gadgets. she is going to love it.

  15. Kelly M says

    Although I would love to try the garlic cheese biscuits, if I am chosen…..please send my gift package to Sally Dilon and her husband. She posted a note on here and I would like to recognize their 50 years of marriage in memory of my mom and dad who celebrated 52 years before my mom passed away. Thank you for all you do.

  16. Michele says

    Honestly, I think all 3 will be my favorite! Although, we will probably end up making the most of the blueberry muffins. Can’t wait to try them!!

  17. Porshia says

    I’ve never tried the small pouches but I would love to and will now. I love & my family loves Chocolate Chip!

  18. Judy says

    I have not found them yet, but it will be a toss up between Blue Berry Muffins and the Cheese Garlic Biscuits. With the kids all grown up, my husband and I appreciate the smaller size package.

  19. Libby says

    All 3 of these sound delicious! I guess I I had to pick one though it would be the chocolate chip cookies. Thanks.

  20. Suzanne says

    These little pouches would be great for my 4 year old son. He loves blueberry muffins and helping me cook. Now we can make the perfect amount of muffins for our small family.

  21. Ashley Harrison says

    Would love to try the cheese and garlic. My daughter has taken up an interest in learning how to cook so this would be perfect. She loves to help my husband in the kitchen. He is the cook at our house.

  22. Elaine Laws says

    I would eat (I mean bake) the chocolate chip first. I’m sure my 3 year old would love to help!

  23. Lynn Fortune says

    I would love the chocolate chip cookies. My son is at the age where he loves to help so he would have a blast with these little pouches!

  24. Sandi Telford says

    My favorite is the cheese garlic biscuits. My husband would prefer the blueberry muffins and my kids love the chocolate chip cookies. haha!

  25. Robyn Byrd says

    I will be using the chocolate chip cookie pouches the most!! My boys love helping me bake them and eat them… Though I think we will also use the muffins as well since we like those for breakfast too!!

  26. Julie says

    I look forward to trying these, since I have been making half a pouch at a time, since a large batch is too much for my needs. Having a pouch just big enough for a small batch will be great! I think that chocolate chip cookies would be the flavor I will want to try first.

  27. Talia Gerber says

    Love this idea of small pouches my son loves to cook and bake..I think we are going to love the cheesy biscuit one because we fight over them at Ruby Tuesdays!!

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