Discounted Newspaper Subscriptions

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Every week there are lots of upset couponers because their newspaper was missing one or more inserts.  This can happen for lots of reasons: the machinery malfunctioned and missed that paper, someone stole the inserts or the newspaper ran out of inserts.

My #1 tip for having a better chance of getting all the inserts due?  Have your newspaper delivered.  Most newspapers only guarantee that the delivered papers will be “complete” (i.e. have all the sections and coupon inserts).    One site I’ve used before to get discount subscriptions is Discounted Newspapers. They have over 400 newspapers!  I’ve seen subscriptions start as low as $.75/Sunday!

Click here to see what rate your local paper is offering!

Be sure to check out the Sunday Coupon Preview every week!

Selling & Buying Coupons: Legal?

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Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 4.05.54 AM

This image was sent to me and I thought it was very interesting.  The Tampa Tribune is offering a reward for information that stops people from getting newspapers in unauthorized ways (i.e. stealing them). They’ve even set up a webiste page to accept information turning in sellers.

Long time MSM friends know that I don’t support buying or selling coupons for several reasons.

(1) When we buy coupons we are paying for something that is free with the purchase of a newspaper.

(2) Many coupon sellers obtain their coupons in less than honest ways.  Many times they steal (or have a newspaper employee steal) the newspapers to sell the inserts from them.  That’s why many stores and boxes have coupon-less newspapers.

(3) I’ve seen reports of people paying for coupons only to get copied printables or even flat out fake coupons.

I’ve heard stories of people meeting to sell inserts with vans full of newspapers- newspapers that aren’t even scheduled to be delivered for a few days!  Clearly they didn’t get them in an authorized manner.

If newspapers begin cracking down (and I hope they do!) on theft of coupons and newspapers- it may be the ones easier to go after are the ones buying and redeeming the stolen inserts…and that could possibly mean charges of receiving stolen property- or even worse Dealing in Stolen Property, which in Florida is a Second Degree (F2) felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine….regardless if the item is a 1/100th of a cent valued coupon or not….

So just a thought before we hope on the buying coupons train…and I know it’s tempting!  With that HOT Barilla Pasta Sauce deal at Harris Teeter, my area didn’t get the Barilla coupon so I was sorely tempted to give in but I knew I couldn’t and so I will head to Harris Teeter coupon-less and pay 80¢ a jar after catalina!

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 4.21.09 AM

Another organization, the Coupon Information Center   is looking for information specifically about Facebook Groups that sell coupons or promote coupon fraud.

We’ve already seen Ebay make a change last year (although I think it was not really a strong enough change) on the coupon selling policy.

What do you think?  

Family Halloween Costumes

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Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Tired of the same old same old Halloween costumes and want to incorporate the entire family?  Check out this roundup of family costume ideas!

Crayola Crayons

Cruella de Vil, Jasper, & Dalmations

The Flintstones

The Simpsons

The Laundry Crew

The Wizard of Oz

Tree, Acorn, and Squirrel Trio

Honey Bees & Bee Keeper

Alice in Wonderland

The Incredibles

Star Wars

The Blooms have faded- but now is the time to buy!

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Buy Distressed flowers for a gorgeous spring garden at a fraction of the price!

Summer flowers have passed their peaks and if you look in the home stores and nurseries you see a lot of plants that are past their prime this year.  But this is actually the time I best like to buy flowers!

When you go into a nursery and find a beautiful, flowering bush or other plant- the look so pretty so many people buy them and plant them at home.  A few weeks later- all the blooms are gone and they barely had a chance to enjoy them in their garden.  Instead- buy plants that are past their bloom in the fall and plant for a gorgeous garden NEXT year!

Many times I check the “distressed” plant areas in my local Lowe’s and Home Depots and even Walmarts. These plants may look as little wilted or brown but a little bit of TLC, and a fraction of the price, and next year you will see a beautiful plant!

A few tips:

  • Check that there is at least 50% of the plant still green.  Depending on the plant you can often prune off the dead parts, feed it and love on it (fertilize, water, etc) and it will bounce back.
  • Be sure to get the ride shade/sun plants for your area or the outcome will NOT be successful.
  • Don’t buy annuals.  They may be cheaper but you will have to replace them each year.  Perennials are the best bet- they come back year after year.
  • Think plants that you can stretch- plants that propagate themselves and grow bigger- think ground covers that spread out or Hostas. Plants that can be divided or grown from cuttings are great ways to stretch the budget.
  • Start small- try one or two this year and if successful buy more next year.
  • Don’t go overboard- be sure you have the room before bringing 25 plants home!


The same goes for houseplants!  I’ve bought SO many “distressed” plants that have taken off once given a little TLC!

Be On the Look Out

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Be On the Look OUt


One thing I do every time I am out is check the grocery store for beer rebates.  In North Carolina, and other states, beer companies cannot put rebates or coupons on their alcoholic beverages.  Instead they put rebates on meat, ice, produce and other items with their products on them.  So many people mistakenly think that to use the rebate (or coupon) they must buy the beer- but in many states that is not true!

Here are rebates I found today in the store:

$4 MIR wyb $4+ Fresh or Frozen Seafood or Meat (Beck’s)
$4 MIR wyb $4+ Ice (Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita)
$4 MIRS wyb Fresh Fruit or Produce $4+ (Shock Top)
$1 off ANY Red Baron Pizza 12 oz + (Bud Light)
$3 off Select Items (inlcudes $1/3 Old El Paso, $2 off Tyson Wings, $1/2 Pretzel Crisps) (Corona)


See my rebate tips here.

FREE Coupon Workshop: Winston-Salem, NC

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Coupon School

We’ve scheduled our last Coupon Workshop of the year!  Did I mention it’s FREE?

You can sign up for this class here. This class will be a back to back workshop with Coupons 101 (focuses on grocery stores) and Coupons 102 (drug store shopping).

The class begins at 10 am on 11/1 at the First Alliance Church in Winston-Salem, NC.  Here is the schedule:

10 am -12 pm: Coupons 101 (getting started, Grocery Stores)

This class is free however space IS limited so if you register please attend.  Not showing up takes seats for those who do wish to come.  However, I do understand that emergencies arise and some things are unavoidable.

I hope to see you there!

Tuesday Totals 10/7

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I write this post each week to keep myself accountable to my $55 a week budget.  I had $127.77  left over from previous weeks’ budgets plus I got $25 in rebates  so I am starting with a total of $207.77 in my grocery fund. You can find the grocery deals this week here.

I have been mostly living off my stockpile the last few weeks because I felt overwhelmed with the amount in my pantry and freezers.

Total Value: $27.68
OOP: $14.97
Submitted for $21 in rebates
Final Cost: $6.03 Money Maker
Roll over to next week: $192.80

*I count rebates, etc when I redeem them so until they come in I take the $14.97 out of my budget

Harris Teeter:

10 pks Huggies Wipes $2
Used (3) $1/2 Huggies Wipes printables
se (3) .50/1 Huggies Wipes
1 Loaf Bread .97

Total Value: $27.68
OOP: $14.97
Submitted for $21 in rebates (no longer available)
Final Cost: $6.03 Money Maker

Saving at the County Fair

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save money at the fair

My local fair is in town and boy it’s EXPENSIVE – especially for a family of 6! Here are some ideas to spend a little less on a day out!


  • Look for discounted advance tickets. Usually you can save a few dollars buying tickets before the fair opens.
  • Look for Food Drive Days.  Our local fair offers free admission on a single day during the fair week if 5 canned items are donated to a food drive.  We can pick up canned items as low as 50¢ each so $2.50 in canned items is a much better deal than $9 a ticket.
  • Many fairs run senior and student days.  Take advantage of your age and get a discount!

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