Coupons for Couponing


Staples is really starting to cater to coupoeners!  At my staples they had a whole rack set up with ” Couponing tools” LOL- different paper cutters, coupon binder pages, binders, etc.

More on this later- but I actually got a semi-coupon binder (Never fear my Clip-less comrades I am sticking with the whole insert method but all those printables were killing me! Stay tuned on how I plan to use it!) I used the 50% off binder, 50% off coupon sleeves and 50% off dividers.  Combined with a $4 Staples Reward I only paid $13.

You can get those 50% off coupons here:

I heard the coupon protectors will be just $2.99 at Staples starting Sunday!


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