Moola Saving Mom Couponing Tool

Strategic Couponing is more then just using a coupon to save 25 cents here and there.  To save the absolute most amount of money you need to plan {to strategize} your coupon usage.  The Moola Saving Mom Couponing Tool can help you do this!

This tool has made my couponing SO easy and accurate!  When I go to the store and stick to my list; I know what I am paying so there are no surprises at check out!  There is no “in my head” calculations being done.  It is all there in black & white!

It requires a 2007 or newer version of Excel to run properly.  Please ensure you have this version prior to purchase.  All sales final, no refunds.

MSM Couponing Tool Options

Here are the benefits of the MSM Couponing Tool:

  • Have your entire shopping list on one page with prices, coupons and a total cost
  • Have the Excel program do ALL the math for you giving you the cost for each product AND a total trip cost
  • There are 4 tabs {one for each of the couponing scenarios!} Doubles, Super Doubles, Triples and NO Doubles (for places like Walmart or Food Lion)
  • The program will NOT give you overage, just as most stores will not allow overage.

The MSM Couponing Tool is amazing and easy to use!  I use it each and every week that I go shopping.

MSM Couponing Tool Options

How to use Moola Saving Mom:

You will use the Moola Saving Mom Coupon Matchups posted each week to create your shopping list {supplement with items you need that are not on sale using the stores’ online shopping services if available}.