Food Lion P&G promotion scenarios


UPDATE: P&G is now saying that the $50 must be met AFTER coupons and discounts.  They have never had that requirement before.  Sadly, I already mailed my rebate off.  


When you buy $15 worth of selected P&G products you will get $5 off instantly at checkout- here are a few ideas to get you started.  This deal with start on WED 5/2.


Buy (4) Pantene @ $3.50 each= $14

Buy (1) Secret $2.50= $2.50+ 14= $16.50

use (1) $1/1 Secret PG 4/29 = $16.50- $1= $15.50

use (2) B1G1 pantene PG 4/29 = $15.50- $7 = $8.50

-$5 instant savings

Total due: $3.50 for 5 items or 70 cents each

*** Do the above transaction 2 times and do this transaction once:

Buy (4) Pantene @ $3.50 each= $14

Buy (2) Secret $2.50= $5.00+ 14= $19.00

use (2) $1/1 Secret PG 4/29 = $19.00- $2= $17.00

use (2) B1G1 pantene PG 4/29 = $17.00- $7 = $10.00

-$5 instant savings

Total due: $5 for 5 items




Buy 4 Clairol Nice N Easy @ $5.99 each= $23.96

Use (2) $5/2= $23.96- $10= $13.96

-$5 instant savings = $8.96 for 4 boxes or $2.24 each



Olay Defying cleanser$4.69

buy (4) @ 4.69= $18.76

Use (2) $3/2 PG 4.29= $12.76

-$5 instant savings = $7.76 for 4 = $1.94 each

(Also eligible for $10 MIR)



Tampax Pearl $3.99

Buy (4) = $15.76

use (4) $1/1= $11.76

-$5 instant savings= $6.76 for 4 or $1.69 each



Buy (2) tampax pearl 3.99= 7.98 use (2) $1/1= $5.98

Buy (2) Pantene $3.50 each = $7 Use b1G1 = $3.50

Buy (1) Secret $2.50 use $1/1= $1.50

-$5 instant savings $5.98 








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  1. Jennifer Willis says

    So, I would need three papers to get idea one? I bought 2 this week. Can I do just the first part of idea one?

  2. Jennifer Willis says

    Oops. Get it now. Really wish I had picked up extra papers yesterday. Would like to get the $10 MIR. I am so new to this!

  3. ivy says

    I only had 3 PG inserts so I figured out that if I buy 2 Tampax Pearl, 4 Olay cleasers, 6 Pantene and 1 Secret in 3 seperate transactions, my total for the rebate is $50.24 and OOP is only $15.74 (excluding taxes). With $10 MIR, it should be $5.74 for 13 items!

    • says

      I did- I went to 2 different FL and did 3 transactions. Worked out perfect EXCEPT that the deodorant was NOT ringingup on sale so they had to manually over ride- Total OOP including tax 15.50 submitting for the $10 MIR

        • Lynn says

          Everything went as expected except my deodorant rang up $2.99 ??? I didn’t realize it until I had left Food Lion. I will go back tomorrow to customer service. Thanks for providing us with the scenario.

            • Linda says

              Mine rang up at $2.99 also but they gave me $4.39 credit for the shampoo so I still came out ahead. $3.46 for 4 shampoo and 2 deodorant, I’ll take that any day.

  4. cammi lewis says

    Thanks for the tip and the head’s up about the deodorant. My FL also didn’t have the deodorant on sale, but I talked to the manager, and he scanned it with a hand scanner and said he’d submit to corporate and fix it. They weren’t tagged on the shelf either.

    But after the fact I realized they had undercharged me for the shampoo. They credited more for the B1G1 than they should have. I ended up paying $2.29 for 4 shampoos and 2 deodorant. I’m going to go back tomorrow and let them know though, in case they want me to pay it back.

  5. Lynn says

    I went to FL in Walkertown. Was told it was only one scent that was on sale so they would not override price.

  6. Guest says

    On the phone with rebate line now: they are saying this has to be $50 AFTER coupons. What is the deal?

      • Guest says

        Yes, I hit a brick wall with the ‘in writing’ request. They said all the terms and conditions are on the rebate form and it is ‘in writing’ on the flyer. I let them know that $50 is near impossible when using coupons and receiving other P&G promotions. Super sad about this. I got mine for a great price but would have like the rebate- as promised. Not a good look for P&G.

          • Ivy says

            Just looked at the rebate form and the part that needs to cut, filled and sent, does state “buy worth”. So, if the products are worth $50, why would P&G ignore it? If the rebate only qualifies for $50 after all the coupons then they should simply put that line on the rebate form. Life would be so much easier :(

          • Guest says

            I completely agree. At least HT spelled out their terms and conditions when it came to the $10/$50. I think one could make a case that the terms and conditions are vague enough to warrant redress!! lol

    • Guest says

      Got nowhere with them. Flyer says you have to SPEND $50 not BUY $50. They are not going to honor this. What are your thoughts on this?

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