Food Lion Unilever Promo: Additional Deals

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I posted about the HOT Tresemme Deal at Food Lion.When I went back today to do it again- they were all out of several items I needed to run the scenario so I quickly made a new one on the fly (glad I brought all my Unilever coupons!) All the coupons referenced can be found in the 9/29 RP and limit 2 of the same coupon.

Unilever Promo: Buy $15 of Select Unilever Products get $5 off instantly.  Limit 1 per transaction.

The best deals I saw:

Tresemme Base products $3.49
Use $2.50/1 Q
=FREE after instant Savings

Suave Professionals $2
use $1.50/1 Q
=0.50 MM after instant savings

Dove Men + Care Deodorant $3.49
Use $1/1 Q
=$1.49 after instant savings

Axe Deodorant  $3.99
Use $2/1 Q
=.99 after instant savings

Deal Scenario:

Buy (2) Tresemme Base
Buy (2) Suave Professionals
Buy (2) Axe Deodorant

Total Due: $18.96
Get $5 off Instantly
use (2) Tressemme $2.50/1, (2) Suave Professionals $1.50/1, (2) Axe Deodorant $2/1
Total Due: $1.96 for all 6 items

If you find any other great deals please share them with us!

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Any post on this website may include Affiliate Links.
See my Disclosure and Privacy Policy here.


  1. Gayle says

    I put one together yesterday with :
    2 TRESemme Hairspray 3.49 each 2/2.50 q
    1 Suave Professionals 2.00 1/1.50 q
    ! Axe Deodarant body spray 4.99 1/2.00 q
    ! Dove Hair Mouse 3.00 1/1.50 q
    after tax it came to $1.77

    Also the other day I put together”
    2 TResemme Hair Spray 3.49 each 2/2.50 q
    1 Dove Conditioner 3.00 1/1.50 q
    1 Suave Professionals 2.00 1/1.50 q
    1 TRESemme Platium strength heat protect spray 3.99 1/2.50 q
    This set came to .47 before tax and after tax it was 1.27

  2. leona says

    I live in Fayetteville NC and new to couponing, but I searched through all of my coupons and can’t find any of the coupons used for these deals and I get at a minimum of 2 inserts each week so I know I have the 9/29 RP coupons, I can’t find a list of the coupons in the inserts for Fayetteville but I have the list for Raleigh which is only 1 hour and 15 minutes away, I know some are regional but would you think my newspaper just doesn’t get the same coupons as Raleigh??

      • leona says

        So sad :( Most of those products are my regular brand stuff too :( I don’t have those coupons, Do you still hold coupon classes and have you ever been to Fayetteville, I really need to take a class because I am driving myself crazy with all the coupons :(

          • leona says

            I tried organizing by categories and it was hard to find coupons when I needed them, or I guess I didn’t have enough categories, so I went to ABC order by the brand name and now I’m finding that is worse. My other problems I guess making shopping lists, I live out in the country and the closest stores are Food Lion, Walmart, and Piggly Wiggly and Bo’s and a Carli C’s. and I think I’m just totally confused by the drug stores, Walgreens, cvs and riteaid lol. We are struggling so having to spend money and then having it as a reward on a card is hard for me because I need to spend less to begin with. Have you ever thought of using teamviewer or adobe connect to host an online class over your web cam, and compiling stuff in powerpoints and documents that you can share in the class? Just a thought, I worked from home for 2 years and we had all of our classes online :)

            • says

              ;) I have a powerpoint presentation and will be offering a small class (25 attendees) online that will then be able to be replayed- watch for an invite to be posted!

              -I don’t clip my coupons until I need them (see whole insert method:

              We offer Food LIon, Walmart and Piggly Wiggly Matchups you can just check the items off each list and print!

              Pick one drug store- start with CVS. The goal is to pay out of pocket once and then use rewards every trip after.

  3. Amanda says

    Thanks sooooo much for sharing the deal I got to take advantage of it today and will probally again tommorow. Lol.

  4. Jennifer Mickey says

    Looks like this deal will work with Dove products too..I need to do the math to see how good of a deal!:)

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