Food Lion Unilever Promo

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If you haven’t heard Food Lion has been running this Unilever promo for a while- it ends 12/31 but the coupons expire 12/15!

The deal is buy $15 of select Unilever Personal Care items- get $5 off instantly.  Here are a few of the best deals I saw;

Tresemme $3.49
$5/2 RP 11/17/13

Suave Professionals $2.00
Buy 1 Shampoo Get 1 Conditioner  Free RP 11/17/13

Suave Body Lotion, $2.69
$1.50 RP 11/17/13

Deal Idea:
Buy 4 Tresemme= $13.96
Buy (1) Suave Lotion $2.69
total Due: $16.65
Get $5 off Instantly= $11.65
Use (2) $5/2 Tresemme and (1) $1.50/1 Suave Lotion
Pay: 15¢ + tax

If you don’t have the $5/2 you can also print a $2.00 off any TRESemme Product


Any post on this website may include Affiliate Links.
See my Disclosure and Privacy Policy here.


    • Crystal says

      Yes, Tanika everyone seems to be having problems with that coupon. Some places are manually entering it and others are refusing it. There is something wrong with the barcode, that it isn’t scanning right.

  1. MrsGolden says

    Can you stack a store coupon with manufacture coupons at Food Lion? In my sunday insert there are $1/1 coupons for any 1 tresseme haircare product that could make this a freebie if it works.

  2. Megan says

    Yes.. all of my suave ones they had to push through…. =( they were super nice about it… it was just annoying!

  3. Gretchen says

    I did this deal today and also was able to use a $2 off and health or beauty purchase of $10 or more that printed from the kiosk. I made .35 :).

  4. Rashida Queen says

    I did two separate transactions in the same line and I used my BOGO coupons too. One of the managers just had key it in. For the first transaction I did the deal idea above and paid a little over $4.00 with tax and for the second transaction I got 3 bottles of Suave body wash, 1 Dove body wash and 1 Suave shampoo and 1 Suave conditioner, I paid a little over $3.00 with the BOGO coupons. All together I paid $8.02 for $41 worth of products.

  5. amanda says

    Was wondering if you knew all the products in this deal. I saw a lot of signs on some dove products but was in a hurry to check it all out. Thank you!!

  6. Ashley says

    If you can’t see the page, go to food lions upcoming promotion page. Starting dec. 4th, they are doing an instant savings promo on select products. It’s not a huge sale, but it’s a pretty good deal if you do multiple transactions. You can basically get 50% off a $10 purchase or $10 off a $25 purchase :)

  7. Cathy says

    One of the Food Lions in my area now has a sign up that states “No Rain Checks Permitted On Any Unilever Product The Unilever Promotion Is Only While Supplies Last”. I called corporate to inquiry about their policy on rain checks and was told that if the ad states “while supplies last” they do not have to give a rain check. I do not have a copy of the ad so do not know what it says. But, in my opinion the items on sale and whether you can get a rain check for them should have nothing to do with the promotion. If they are on sale and out of stock you should be able to get the rain check for the sale price. Funny thing is that I just got rain checks for the Tresemme, Suave Lotion and Suave Professionals product yesterday at a different store. Any thoughts on this?

    • says

      I think that they shouldn’t be expected to give rainchecks on the promo (but it runs through 12/31) but I agree the sale price is different. The unilever items aren’t even promoted on sale in last weeks ad and I’ve never seen it say “while supplies last” on a sale price except special promos. I know that the Axe, Dove and Degree Deo will be $3.99 starting 12/3 though.

  8. Lee says

    A Salisbury food lion assistant manager told me that the $1.50 suave coupon will not go through because I’m already using the two Tresemme ones and the system would only allow 2 same company coupons at one time and that “we can’t just give the products for nothing.” That’s just absurd! Especially since I only bought 4 tresemme mousses and 1 lotion so I know I wasn’t breaking rules.

    • says

      You weren’t the Suave coupon is apparently mis-coded. Sadly uninformed stores often just make up things. My store manualy entered it. He clearly doesn’t understand that Unilever pays them back. So sorry.

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