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WHEW HT is rolling out the promos this month! ****Some people are NOT getting the catalina.  I do NOT know why and I can’t control it :( BUT they may be taking the evic coupons into consideration in calculating the $30.

They are having a Proctor and Gamble Promo.  When you buy $30 in P&G products, you will get a catalina to send in for a $10 gift card.

You can read all the details HERE.

Here is a scenario to get you started.  ALL the coupons referenced are EVIC or from the 1/29 P&G.

Here is another idea if you have kids in diapers:
In addition to the P&G promo HT has a promo wyb $50 of Pampers diapers or wipes you will get $15 loaded to your VIC card.

You will have to buy2 DIFFERENT of the following:  (1) cruisers and (1) Swaddlers  (1) Pull Ups

Keli came up with this scenario:

Bounce dryer bar: 3.49-.75 doubled-1.5evic= .49
Unstoppables: 5.99-2-2evic= 1.99
Oral B Floss: 2.99-.75doubled-.75evic= .74
Set & Refresh: 2.99-1-1evic= .99
Tide Stain Release: 4.99-.50doubled-.50evic= 3.49
Dawn Oxi: 2.79-.5doubled-.5= 1.29
Vicks Nature Fusion: 5.99-3-3evic= free
Scope mouthwash: 3.99-1-1evic= 1.99

Total before coupons: $33.22 after $10.98
After mail in $.98!!!


Any post on this website may include Affiliate Links.
See my Disclosure and Privacy Policy here.


  1. andrada says

    I like the diaper scenario – I have 2 coupons for 2.50 each. My question – for this promo they are taking in consideration the regular price to meet the $50, right not the price after coupons? oh my and I have pharmacy dollars too :-))

  2. Kim K says

    Do you know how long the promos will run? Just this week or for the month of Feb (specifically the diaper deal– I am thinking if it is running all month, I may wait and see if Super Doubles happens).

  3. Heather says

    you have the evic as $2 off pantene, but it is only $1 off 2 :)
    Also do you know if this can be done more than once (different transactions of course)? I did not see any limits in the fine print.

  4. Katie Bessman says

    Wait, the $1.50 coupons won’t double will they? Also, I believe the price on the wipes is $6.49, the $5.49 price they advertised is after the .$50 coupon. Still a great deal, I need wipes so I’m going for 4 wipes, use one $1/1 wipes q that I got from a box of wipes.

    So $24.99 diapers, minus my $2.50 q, minus $1.50 zvr, equals $20.99.
    4 wipes @6.49 is $25.96, minus 1-$1q, minus 3 doubled $.50qs, minus $.50 zvr, equals $21.46.
    Total oop: $42.45, minus $15 credit, minus $10 MIR, $17.45 for diaper and 4 boxes wipes!!

  5. Rachelle says

    Okay so I am new to the area, when I go to HT and save coupons to my e-vic card, I can stack up a paper coupon with the evic coupon and only have to use it on one item?

  6. Miranda says

    Ok, my BF just went since I am at work and he did not get a catalina for the gift card. Here is the transaction

    Retail Coupon Doubled Evic OOP
    Oral B Replacement Heads 3 Ct 1 $17.99 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $7.99
    unstoppables 1 $5.99 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $1.99
    Bounce 80 Count Dryer Sheets 1 $3.49 $0.50 $1.00 $- $2.49
    Bounce 80 Count Dryer Sheets 1 $3.49 $0.50 $1.00 $- $2.49
    $30.96 $14.96

    • Miranda says

      Oops. It posted crazy the first time. Any idea why this wouldn’t get a catalina?

      Quantity Retail Coupon Doubled Evic OOP
      Oral B Replacement Heads 3 Ct 1 $17.99 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $7.99
      Unstoppables 1 $5.99 $2.00 $2.00 $2.00 $1.99
      Bounce 80 Count Dryer Sheets 1 $3.49 $0.50 $1.00 $- $2.49
      Bounce 80 Count Dryer Sheets 1 $3.49 $0.50 $1.00 $- $2.49
      $30.96 $14.96

  7. Melanie says

    tide stain release is 5.99 not 4.99…hate how the flyer is formatted with the real price small and the price including the coupon big! :)

  8. Serena says

    I am gonna try this:

    Bounce dryer bar: 3.49-.75 doubled-1.5evic= .49
    Cascade: 4.49-.50 doubled-.50evic= 2.99
    Unstoppables: 5.99-2-2evic= 1.99
    Oral B Floss: 2.99-.75doubled-.75evic= .74
    Dawn Oxi: 2.79-.5doubled-.5= 1.29
    Crest mouthwash: 4.49-.75 doubled-.75evic= 2.24
    6pk Duracell Batteries: 5.99-1-1.5evic= 3.49
    2 Crest toothpaste: 2/7-1-.50evic= 5.50
    Total 37.23.
    Total after discounts is 9.23 (including $10 P&G). ;-)

    • Barbara Tulloch says

      I just looked at the P & G promotion link posted above and I don’t see the Bounce dryer bar. I see the Bounce dryer sheets. Am I missing something?

  9. Ivy says

    Thanks! I got 2 boxes of Diapers and a pack of Wipes. Just when I needed them! I got $10 Rebate Form and $15 Off Next Purchase AND got $10 worth coupons for Pampers that won’t expire till 2013! Very happy! Thanks

  10. Cory O says

    Iams Premium Protection Cat- 5.5lbs — $14.99
    Oral B Floss Picks– $2.99
    Bounce Dryer Bar– $3.49
    Nature Fusion– $5.99
    Scope MW– $3.99

    Total- $31.45

    Iams- $3 coupon, $3 evic (paid- $8.99)
    Oral B Floss Picks- $0.75 coupon ($1.50), $0.75 evic (paid- $0.74)
    Bounce Dryer Bar– $1.5 coupon, $1.50 evic (paid- $0.49)
    Nature Fusion– $3 coupon, $3 evic (paid- $0)
    Scope MW– $1 coupon, $1 evic (paid- $1.99)

    Total after Qs and Evics= $12.20. Not bad. If I get the $10 gc that will be even better!!!!

    • keli says

      Did you get the print out for the gift card? it is something that should be printed with your receipt if I’m not mistaken

      • Cory O says

        No, the cat did not print. But on another site someone had listed the details for what info to send and where to send it. I am going to send it in and see what happens. If the products I bought where correct then I “should” get the GC. If not, still happy with my purchase. I spend that much on Cat food alone much of the time! (plus I made a killing on the cokes B2G3 :-) )

  11. Alesia says

    I’m going to try this one tomorrow:
    Downy Unstoppables – $5.99, $2 Evic, $2paper = $1.99 Final Price
    Dawn – $2.79, .50 Evic, .50 paper, doubles to 1 = $1.29 FP
    Febreeze Set & Refresh – $2.99, $1Evic, $1paper = .99 FP
    Oral B toothbrush – $2.99, .75EVic, .75 paper 1.25 doubled = .99 FP
    Oral B Floss – $2.99, .75 Evic, .75 paper, 1.25 doubled = .99 FP
    Scope MW – $3.99, $1evic, $1paper = $1.99 FP
    Crest MW – $4.49, .75 EVic, .75 paper, 1.25 doubled = $2.49 FP
    Vicks Nature Fusion – $5.99, $3Evic, $3paper = Free :)
    $32.22 before coupons, $10.73 after coupons, before tax., minus the mail in rebate is .73 before tax :)

    • Angela says

      Just wanted to say, yesterday at my HT, I asked mgmt about the deal before I did it, and a manager came to my register to make sure it printed. The first transaction I did, the $10 did not print (I think because of the EVIC). I did another transaction and it printed… Mgmt manually printed my first one, so I ended up getting two. I also got the diapers $50 and it was before EVic also, so the manager gave me $15 off another box of diapers so that I would meet the pampers points. I now have $15 off my next order. I think the best thing to do is to speak with management if something doesn’t work or print out. My HT managers are always more than helpful. It was her idea to give me $15 off the diapers…I could have just bought another thing of wipes to meet the pampers points as I was only .02 off! She was nice enough to discount the diapers…so I went for it. I spent about 68 oop and got 2 nature fusion, 3 boxes pampers, 1 tub wipes. I read over the rebate and it says one per household. I asked my husbands brother if I could send mine to his house (he is our neighbor)… and he said yes, so I sent it that way. $20 in rebates and $15 on my next order with 24.99 pampers points towards another 50 according to my reciept. I think this promotion ends the 2nd. I did a little more math and figured I paid .09 per diaper…which is better than my stock up price!

  12. Mary Daugette says

    So I did this promotion with the diapers mostly. I split my items into 2 orders so I could get 2 of the $10 rebates for the P&G items. I got nothing from either purchase. For some reason my total on the first order which included the Pampers Wipes on sale for 6.50 and the Big box of diapers on sale for $24.99 only gave me $1.49 in pampers points. There is something majority wrong here. I pointed it out and CS says they fixed it and my $15 should show up on my next order of anything.

    Do you know if the P&G rebate is for the regularly listed price or the on sale price and if the ZVR coupons count towards that on sale price?

    • says

      It should take the SALE price and not count the ZVR or coupons. Others have done this deal on the diapers and got the rebate. I do know HT is having many many issues with this promo.

    • Angela says

      Mary I did the same thing, but keep in mind the $10 is oen per household. So be sure you put it in a friends name or something!

  13. Juanita says

    I tried Keli’s scenario. Oop was $10.98 but no catalina printed. When I spoke with CS they said they have been having problems and could only contact corporate then get back to me.

  14. Tia says

    So bummed, I just went to HT and used the above scenario and even bought 2 gillette bodywashes (with paper coupons for my husband) and the $10 catalina did not print! Went to the manager and she said she was not familiar with the PG promo, so I pulled it up on my phone and showed her. Then she said, well its not HT fault if it doesnt print, its a catalina issue!? what the hecht does that mean?! So anyways, I just stood there and asked her what I should do, return it all and try again or call cust serv? She said she would call cust serv. and no one answered, I guess they are closed tonight? So, I think at this point she felt bad for me, so she gave me a $5 HT coupon and told me to call cust service on monday and see if they would help.

    Will cust. service be able to give me the $10 credit?

    • Tia says

      * correction a $5 gift card

      So , I guess if I ever get my $10 catalina, I will $15 in gift cards which is great! but for now I have no catalina….

    • says

      Others have been able to get ht customer service to mail it to them. It is an ht advertised promo so they should fix it for you. Lots and lots of people are having issues with their promo.

      • Tia says

        Ok, good! Thanks for your info and support! I was so bummed but hopefully it will work out!

  15. joy says

    Bummed I didn’t get my catalina this morning :( Does anyone know if I can I just mail my receipt to an address?

  16. Jessica says

    I love Harris Teeter! I used to think they had really high prices until I started couponing and following your site. My bill was $112.49, my OOP was $38.46 plus I got the $10 catalina. Thanks for all you do Jessie!

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