Harris Teeter Super Doubles 1/2/2013-1/8/2013

Harris Teeter Super Doubles is confirmed $2 and under starting 1/2 through 1/8 at Harris Teeter.  They will double up to 20 coupons per day per VIC card. This is tracked by your card. They will double 3 “like” coupons, the 4th+ are redeemed at face value.   They will only accept 2 of the same internet printed coupon per day doubled or not.  You can stack a paper coupon with an EVIC coupon.

If the store is out of something you wanted to buy you need to get a raincheck. While the “super doubled” coupon amount will not be done when redeemed, it can make great deals later on so get a raincheck anyway.

Red = 100% off or free
Blue= 75+ off
Yellow= Stock up price

Update 1/3: Added deals found by MSM friends and left in comments & emails.  These items are in purple font.  Removed expired coupons and inappropriate matches.

Update: 1/1/2013: Added a ton of unadvertised deals and updated the sale prices for many ** items

Update 12/30: The items in the sales ad have been added to this version.

** Indicates that the item is currently on sale.  The sale MAY NOT continue.  We won’t know until Tuesday.

You can download the excel version HERE or the PDF version:HT Super Doubles Updated

Find a great deal?  Leave a comment below.