Harris Teeter Super Doubles 2/15-2/21 Update #2


Harris Teeter will double coupons $1.98 or less starting at 7 a.m. Wed 2/15.

They will double 3 like coupons, the 4th+ will be redeemed at Face Value.

They will double 2 like internet coupons.

20 coupons per day per VIC card/household will be doubled.

Transactions cannot be divided to bypass these rules.

Coupons that state Do Not Double can be pulled out and overrode to only be redeemed at Face Value.

If you prefer a printable list you can access that HERE.

Below these special sales list is the spreadsheet!

Evic items
General Mills Instant Savings
Buy 15 participating items get a $5 catalina


*** Next to an item indicates that it WAS on sale, I will try to update asap.

(#) next to an item indicates that the coupon requires this quantity to be purchased.  All totals for that row are for that quantity total.

Purple are the newest additions.  Each new addition will be purple.  Happy Savings!

If you need to access this spreadsheet directly you can do so HERE.


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  1. LeeAnn says

    I’m at Harris teeter right now, it’s 7:10 am and the frozen green giants are definitely NOT a dollar!

    • says

      Yes I know- waiting to hear back on what is going on. I have IN MY HANDS the printout from HT that was sent to stores…unless they changed their minds they are supposed to be $1 with $2 instant savings WYB 10. That is clearly what is shows and even the UPC of those included are on this flyer :(

  2. Cassandra says

    Just a heads up, the Kikkoman Teriyaki is only $.49 with the IP coupon. I bought 2 this morning and it printed a catalina for $1.50 off my next order!

  3. angie b says

    the 8th continent milk q is for $1.00 of 2, not just for 1 _ and the Irish spring deo wasnt on sale. Mayb ill ask if iy is and they jus didnt put a tag out for it.

  4. Tori says

    Hey ladies (and men too)
    I found a coupon for $1.50 off a macaroni grill frozen entree just by googling it – makes each one $3.

  5. Jessica says

    I had a $1.50 off 1 pack of Advent pacifiers- not sure if it’s still available – found them on sale for $3.99 – made it $0.99!

  6. Judy says

    Kind of new to couponing but found your blog and FB page, and it’s very helpful! JW, on the spreadsheet, some of them don’t have a size to the products. For instance the Kikkoman sauce, is it any size goes? I went to HT, and didn’t find one with that price. My HT isn’t really good at showcasing special prices or sales on display. Thank you!

  7. Tricia says

    Thank you for this, I love the spreadsheet, it’s amazing! I was going through it to clip my coupons and noticed that the Welch’s grape juice was in my Red Plum, not my Smart Source (still 2/12) in case this was the same for others.

  8. angie b says

    No wonder i cud not find the “eat think smile granola” q u have it listed under SS. but its in the RP. im sitting here cleaning out my q’s and jus saw it here. :-))

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