Harris Teeter Super Doubles 8/14-8/20 List #1


Harris Teeter will be running Super Double coupons .$2 or less 8/14-8/20 up to 20 coupons. They will double 3 “like” coupons (only 2 “like” internet printed coupons). The 4th+ will be accepted at face value. You can stack an evic coupon with a paper coupon.

Harris Teeter participates in the Saving Star program and Ibotta.

This is list #1- regular and current sale prices.   Current sale prices are noted “if sale con’t”.
The Sales ad will be added (and the spreadsheet version created) over the weekend.
The unadvertised deals will be added Tuesday Evening.
The deals using the coupons coming out 8/17 will be added Sunday.

Of course- we will still post all the extra promotions and evic coupon deals!

Below is the start of the list!  If you find any other deals please leave a comment!

Shelf Stable
Health & Beauty



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  1. Taylor says

    I just wanted to say thanks a million. I just started a few months ago and it has been great. I was using another site, but they were slow to post and I found myself under prepared (I still use multiple sites, but moola is first and main). Thank you for all the hard work! It sure helps me out! I love you post early and keep us updated. Could not say thank you enough!! I saw someone post about outdated coupon links. Screw ‘em. Just tell him to get on the ball and prepare earlier too! ;) Thanks again!!

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