Harris Teeter Super Doubles 8/8-8/14


Harris Teeter will be Super Doubling Coupons $2 and under beginning Wednesday.  Here is the updated list of deals (these include some of the advertised specials {wink}).  The printable list version of the ad will be up starting Wednesday.

You can find the spreadsheet list of deals HERE.  This includes all the major coupon sites printable coupons, all the insert coupons back to 7/22 based on regular prices.  I will be updating this through the week.

A few notes & tips about Harris Teeter Super Doubles:

-Coupons only double up to the value of the item so a $1.50 coupon on a $2 item will get you the item free but won’t take off $3 usually.

-You can use an evic coupon in addition to the paper coupon.  This can cause overage.

-If they are out of a sale item- get a RAINCHECK.  They never expire but they will not give you the coupon event special when you redeem it.

-PLAN your trip- don’t wander the store looking for things to buy.  It is usually crazy during these events so as you ponder what you want others are snatching up all the good deals!

-Bring back up coupons! Even if you are an Olympic Sprinter- you will find out that others beat you to those hot deals and you may find empty shelves!  So bring back up coupons

- Remember that these events come around often so don’t get frustrated if you miss a deal- get a raincheck and hope for rain!

Happy Shopping


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