Harris Teeter Triples Preperation


So you may have heard that Harris Teeter will be having TRIPLE Coupons starting 4/24.

They will be doubling coupons 99¢ or less.  Here are the rules of the game & strategies to maximize your coupons! *Warning* This is a LONG post!

  • The sales officially starts at 7 a.m. on 4/24  and runs through midnight 4/30.  At non-24 hour stores you may be able to get the coupons to triple as soon as they open & turn on the registers. This is not guaranteed.
  • They will triple manufacturer coupons 99¢ or less.  Coupons that state “Do Not Double” can be overridden and accepted only at face value.  Coupons that are $1 will only be accepted for $1.   A coupon for 50¢ will deduct a total of $1.50 off the price of the item or the sale price of the item.  For example: an item that is on sale for $1 and a 50¢ will make the item free but will not give “overage”.
  • They will triple 20 coupons per day per VIC card household.  Harris Teeter only allows (1) VIC card per household.  They will triple 3 of the same coupon provided 3 items are purchased (or whatever quantity required by the coupon).   They will accept additional of the same coupon (up to the restrictions on the coupon) but only at face value.  They will accept (doubled, tripled or not) only 2 of the same internet coupon.  There is no limit to the number of coupons total that can be used (internet or not) but these are the important numbers:
    • 20 coupons tripled per day
    • 3 “like” coupons tripled per day
    • 2 “like” internet coupons accepted total per day
  • They will accept “competitor manufacturer coupons”- these are usually Catalina coupons that print at other local stores. 
  • They will accept “money off total” purchase coupons from local competitors. Each store decides who is a competitor.  Some Harris Teeter stores will accept Register Rewards from Walgreens, others will accept Extra Care Bucks from CVS and others won’t accept anything from the drug stores.  Check with your store as to what they will accept as a competitor.
  • They do not accept store coupons for specific products or internet printed competitor store coupons (i.e. Target coupons etc).
  • You can redeem an EVIC digital coupon and a paper manufacturer coupon on the same product (i.e. “stacking”)

All of these policies are subject to vary by manager/store discretion.  But that is an overview of the corporate coupon policy.

Here are some strategies to help you have a successful triples event:

  • If you know that there are items you want to buy many of (see the list of regular priced deals HERE, the ad will be added this weekend and unadvertised added Tuesday night) tell your store.  Tell them that these will be free with coupons and you want to buy X. I’ve had luck even providing my store with the entire list.  This doesn’t mean they will be able to get them all in stock but it helps!
  • Know that there will be items that are out of stock.  The warehouse will run out of items and the stores won’t be able to stock them.  Don’t get too frustrated- there will still be plenty of great deals.
  • Get rain checks. While the rain check won’t allow you to redeem it during a regular week and get the Triple Coupon value- you still need to get them. Trust me- You’ll appreciate having it later!
  • Plan your trip.  Don’t walk the aisles hoping to find deals. Use the lists provided and  the coupon database  to plan your trip.  Don’t add up all the items, add up the coupons then multiply by 3 and deduct.  You have to do this item by item, line by line.
    • Example: I have an item for $2 and a 75¢ coupon.  I won’t get the full $2.25 triple amount off the $2 value.  I will only get $2 deducted.  So you must do the math item by item.
  • Bring backup coupons.  You will find items out of stock so if you only bring the 20 coupons in your plan you will leave with less freebies (cheapies) than you could have.  I usually end up buying the same 10-15 products each day all week long.  So I cut all those coupons I have for those products and keep them paper clipped together.  This way if they are out of product A, I can switch it out for product B.
  • Don’t get frustrated. If this is your first coupon event- it can be a wild ride!  There will be a lot of shoppers and empty shelves.  Just remember that we get great deals every week- this is just an extra fun week of deals!
  • Know when to shop.  Wed at 7 a.m. is the peak of the event. Many stores will be slammed with shoppers but not all of us can be there that early (I can’t!) so there are other times that will be good times to shop. Ask your store when they will be their trucks in (most will get 2-3 more during the week).  Shopping right after they restock the shelves may help you find that super item you want.  Another time will be Sunday after we get new coupons.  We should get a Red Plum and Smart Source that day.
  • Collect Rainchecks NOW: Today through Tuesday you will want to get rainchecks for any items out of stock currently.  Then you can hopefully redeem them during the Triples event and your coupons will triple then!
  • Go through your stash: Look at the rainchecks, catalinas, etc. that you already have.  Use Harris Teeter Expresslane on Tuesday evening to check the prices of the items you have coupons and rainchecks for.  You can use the coupon database  to check for coupons to match to your rain checks.  Some, but not all, Harris Teeter stores allow you to redeem a B1G1 rain check on a sale item to make a better deal PLUS you can use a coupon:
    • If the item is on sale for $2 each and you have a B1g1 Rain check some stores will all you to redeem it B1G1 at $2 instead of the regular price.  This can make some GREAT deals.  Some stores will revert it back to full price and then apply the rain check.  
  • Decide before going to the register: If your store pulls out “Do not double” (DND) coupons decide if you are going to buy the product if they refuse to double it.  You can simply say, “I’d rather not buy it at that price, can I have my coupons back and remove those items off my bill?”  They shouldn’t give you any problems…in fact sometimes they decide they’d rather triple your coupon than remove the items from your cart!
  • Know if it’s a good deal: During several events I saw people loading up on some items and I honestly felt a little bad for them.  They were paying a lot more than necessary just because the coupon was tripling.  They weren’t doing the math to see if it really was a good deal.  Have a stock up price. Just because a coupon is being tripled- it doesn’t make it a good deal.  Know what YOUR price is.  For example, I’m happy to pay 10¢ or less a diaper but my Coupon Buddy will not pay more than 5¢- because her stash is so big that she won’t need diapers for years!

Please leave any comments or questions below!  Feel free to contact me with any questions!  I LOVE these events & what makes MSM (in my humble opinion) the best place to prepare for these Events is that

(a) I will update this list on Sunday with new coupon updates & evic coupons
(b) I actually SHOP Harris Teeter stores each week (well multiple times each week usually LOL)  so I have first hand experience shopping there
(c) I will alert you to amazing deals & promos that are unadvertised only in the emails and in-store


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  1. Stephanie says

    While I’m excited about this, I really love SDs. But maybe this will give me a chance to get rid of some of those $.25 coupons that seems to always go unused.

  2. Stephanie MacLean says

    Could you post a list of the best items to get next week? Not the whole spreadsheet but just the really good items?

    • says

      The spreadsheet is color coded :) So everything red or blue- are the best deals. In addition I’ve started a new feature- best deals at all the stores so the best deals will be highlighted in that post later.

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