Harris Teeter TRIPLES update #2


Here is the 2nd update to the Harris Teeter list!

Here are the symbols used to help you make heads or tails of this list!

*** next to an item name indicates it is currently on sale.  This will be updated Tuesday night when we find out what sales will continue.

(#) next to an item indicates that this qty.  must be purchased to use the coupon.  All totals for that row are for that # of products.

RED items are 100% savings or FREE.

BLUE prices/totals/etc indicate 60% + savings

PURPLE item names indicate that they are additions to this list.   This is per requests from readers from past lists!

If you find any links that are dead (I test many of them but with this long of a list I simply cannot print ALL those coupons!)  If you find any additional deals share them with us!

I will keep adding to this list- Sunday night we should have the advertisement up!  And then Tuesday night we will have the unadvertised deals!  If you would like to access the form itself you can find it at this link: HERE


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  1. marcia says

    Hi , i have a question when does these sale goes live …because i saw the add for these w eek but no triples where anounced…can you please let me know

  2. Beverly says

    Hi! Love what you do!!

    I checked some sales tags yesterday for end dates and here are some items where the sale ends 3/20. I didn’t get a chance to check all tags.

    Quaker Yogurt Bars
    Yoplait Greek Yogurt
    Minute Maid OJ
    McCormick Perfect Pinch
    Yoplait Light Granola
    Zip Lock
    Kleenex Tissue

    The Krunchers, Eggos, Planters Nut Bars, Jello Temptations, Snackwells, Glad, Viva, Kleenex Hand Towels, Mardi Gras Napkins, Snuggle, Downy, and Febreeze are continuing through triples.

  3. Trish says

    There is a $.60 printable coupon for the Fun da Middles. With the $.50 evic, they come to $1.09.

  4. NCcouponista says

    Can anyone confirm that the duncan hines cake mix sale will continue through triples? My car broke down yesterday so I can’t drive to HT to check the tags. =(

  5. Brittany says

    My suave deodorant coupon in today’s paper was only .50 not .75 :( no cheap deodorant for me

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