Harris Teeter 3/21-3/27 TRIPLES printable list matchups


Harris Teeter will be having Triple Coupons beginning 3/21-3/27!

  • 20 coupons will be tripled per day
  • begins at 7 a.m. on 3/21
  • 3 “like” coupons, 2 “like” internet coupons per Vic card/household
  • Evic coupons CAN be combined with paper coupons

Here is the matchup printable list for Harris Teeter TRIPLES!

If you want the COMPLETE spreadsheet list of deals you can find that HERE.

If you prefer the list to be sorted by % saved you can find that list HERE.

If you prefer the list to be color coded by date added you can find that list HERE.


Please do not copy this list onto your own site, feel free to direct any of your readers to this page for matchups.

This List Has Expired- Please check for a new one!
Evic offer
Meal Deal
Shelf Stable
Heath & Beauty



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