HELP! My catalina didn’t print!


I shopped at Harris Teeter today and bought the Hamburger Helpers so I could donate them and get my $2 off meat catalina.  It did not print.  It has been a bad week for me and catalinas.  On Wednesday- the catalina machine jammed and ate my catalina.  Harris Teeter made it right by giving me a $2 off any purchase raincheck.  It printed for me yesterday and then today- nada.

So I wanted to talk about catalinas and what to do if you don’t get yours.

BEFORE you purchase your catalina deal:

1. Check and print out the catalina offer.

2. Make sure you meet each and every requirement of the offer (double check dates and stores!)

3. If you see a catalina deal posted online, either by MSM or someone else or anywhere online- be aware- you only have the details put out by that person- NOT the catalina deal.  We can’t hold them liable for deals posted by others.  So try to get to the source of the deal.  If I post it I will either (a) link to the directly or (b) list it as a “reported” deal where trying it may or may not work.

4.  Once at the register- check your catalina machine before checking out.  Is the light green- you should be good to go.

5. Wait a few seconds after checking out and ask the cashier- did the catalina print? Sometimes the machines are slow.


Ok, so you checked all that and it still did not give you your promised catalina.  Here are some things you can do:

1. Try to deal with it in the store.  My Harris Teeter usually offers me cash back for the catalina, or as in the case the other day, they offered me a raincheck for the value of the catalina.  Ask nicely what can be done about the situation.  It is very helpful if you have the printout from to prove the deal.  The stores do not handle these promotions so they may be unaware of them.

2.If the store won’t make good on the catalina deal, you have the option to simply return the items.  You may lose any coupons that you used on the items though.

3. You can contact the Catalina company directly.  I did this today and they said it will take 6-7 weeks to send me my coupon!  WOW.   You can reach the Catalina company at 1-888-8COUPON or via email at  Have your receipt and they will need your shopping card # as well.  You can also complete the form HERE, which is their preferred method of contact.

Do you have any tips of ensuring your catalina will print?


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    • MoolaSavingMom says

      Buy 3, Receive $1.00 Catalina
      Buy 4, Receive $1.50 Catalina
      Buy 5 or more, receive $2.00 Catalina

      It is good on chicken, tuna or hamburger helpers.

  1. Halley says

    Can you tell me where to find the details on the hamburger helper cat? I bought 12 yesterday and nothing. I looked on coupon network and didn’t see anything.

    • says

      I don’t know if there is a hamburger helper catalina. They might be participating in the $10 gas card wyb $30 worth of General Mills products but I don’t think they have a stand-alone catalina.

      • Halley says

        Where does the $2 Catalina come from? I thought it was when you buy 5 or more of the hamburger helper.

          • Halley says

            I am so sorry I didn’t even realize this was a repost from 2011! I saw you taking to the post above me about it and I assumed the hamburger helper was part of both the general mills promo and producing an additional cat but apparently that was a year ago. Sorry.

  2. Sarah says

    My code did not print for the gas promo at my HT. I kindly went up to the service desk,asked them if they were participating and the Customer service lady replied”of course we are ,let me have your reciept and I will call it in for you ” I left within 5 minutes and with my catalina code that the lady did not have to call in for me. She could have very well given me the number and I could have called. excellent customer service ! and my gas card is on the way :)

  3. Cheryl says

    This happened to me yesterday at Food Lion. I had read this article before I went to the store. I got 10 of the Kraft products and went to the checkout. First thing I did was ask the cashier about the promo, which this teenage boy knew nothing about. (Bless his heart) Then I asked him if his catalina machine had paper and he checked and then the green light came on and he started ringing up my groceries. Lo and behold at the end of the transaction, nothing printed out! PANIC!! I went over to the customer service desk and they were more than nice,
    and willing to help. First thing they did was look through their supply of catalinas and see if they had enough there to equal the $10. They didn’t. So they decided to just give me a $10 gift card and went out searching for one. Can you believe they didn’t have a single Food Lion gift card in the store?? So with many apologies, they say that I can just go get something worth $10 and they would take it off at the register. I was going to get a big pack of the hamburger meat that is on sale anyway so that is what I did. Yeah the transaction took way longer than intended, but I have to give props to my neighborhood Food Lion for their great customer service!!

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