HOT CVS Olay Deal!


Thanks to my Coupon Buddy Kim for the heads up & leaving me some on the shelf!

CVS has a ECB deal running: $5 ECB wyb $25 and through Tuesday 7/31 you can get this deal.  The ad states limit 1 but it is showing a limit of 2 when you go into the store and it prints out a $10 ECB.

Buy (4) Olay Body wash $5.99
Buy (4) Facial Cleansesrs $3.74
Buy (4) Head & Shoulders $4.99 each

CVS allows a B1G1 and a $ off coupon to be combined on 2 products per their policy.

So Use
(2) B1G1 Head &  Shoulders PG 7/1
(2) $1/1 Head & Shoulders PG 7/29
(4) FREE Body wash wyb facial cleansers PG 7/29
(2) $3/2 Facial Cleansers PG 7.1

Total Value:$58.88
OOP: $16.94
Get $10 ECB
Submit for $10 Mail in Rebate on OLAY HERE

Final Cost: $3.06 MONEY MAKER plus it  should get you $5 ECB for the beauty club!

I had a $5/$15 beauty CVS coupon plus a $3/$15 Olay CVS coupon so my total OOP was only $1.58.



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  1. says

    I went by there this morning and bought 6 cleansers, and 6 washes. I used 3 of the $3/2 and 6 of the Free washes. I paid $13.44, then used $7 in previous ECB so paid $6.44 and received $10 ECB back, and will receive $10 mail in rebate. Score!

    • M says

      I guess they let you get away with using the 6 free washes even though the coupon states limit of 4 like coupons. Did you do multiple transactions in order to use 6?

        • says

          It’s hard to remember….I didn’t even notice in your post…but yes all P&G coupons state limit 4 per shopping trip. I’m sure you didn’t mean to do it on purpose :)

          • Terra says


            • says

              Their coupons read “Limit 1 coupon per purchase….Limit of 4 Like coupons in same shopping trip” so you can use 1 coupon for every item and only 4 of the same coupon per trip.

  2. Terra says

    Is there a certain order coupons have to be used in? I think I have a 5.00 off and a coupon for 20 percent off beauty club, I will have to check dates
    Do you have to use filler at cvs?

  3. Michelle says

    When adding your cost for the $30 rebate, do you use the sale price of the product or what you pay for the product after your coupons? Thank you for all you do!

  4. Terra says

    I have a 5.00 off coupon extra buck and a 2.00 off body wash when you buy 8.00 worth of washes, can this be combine with other body wash coupon? Help please best way to use,
    My last two buys didn’t work out well and I’m getting discouraged. Thanks

    • says

      Yes the $2/8 bodywash coupon sounds like it is a kiosk coupon (i.e CVS store coupon) then yes that can be combined. You could: (assuming you have 2 papers):
      (2) Olay Bodywash $5.99
      (2) Olay Facial $3.74
      (2) Head & Shoulders $4.99 each

      Total due $29.44

      Use (2) Free bodywash wyb facial
      use (1) $3/2 Facial wash
      (1) B1g1 Head & Shoulders
      (1) $1/1 Head & shoulers

      You will owe $8.47 use the $2 body wash and the $5 ecb and pay just $1.47 and get $5 ecb back….NOW be prepared Just in case that b1g1 head & shoulders takes off the full value of $9.49 and if that happens you will only owe $2 after the coupons and $2/8 store coupon. You could then use the $5 ecb on something else. Some cashiers are entering it in manually and others are allowing it for the max value.

      • Andrada says

        If i do the above 2,2 and 2 you only get the 5 ECB, correct? It is not enough for the Olay rebate…

  5. Jo says

    I just wanted to say the big THANK YOU! i just got back from CVS and was excited to find everything. again Thank you.

  6. Irion says

    Thanks for posting this awesome deal! Went to CVS and it worked out like you posted! Am thrilled with what I got! Thanks again!!

  7. Callan says

    How can you get 2off 8 if you are already getting body wash free.They wouldn’t let me use the 3dollars off 2 body wash

  8. Jessica says

    I am not sure I follow your break down. $1.58 oop?? You had $16.94.then you had the coupons from cvs machine $3 & $5. So that is $8 off $16.94. Total should be $8 something with tax. How did you get $1.58??????

    • kelly says

      I would like to know the same thing. I think it is rather rude of you to not respond to her message that she left for you, but you can respond to everyone else. Just rude!

      • says

        Kelly- I think I may be missing something….I respond to each message that I see-I will go back and check it’s quite possible in the influx of comments on the giveaway post that one has gotten missed & if so I am sorry but please know that I respond personally to each and every question and email (of which I get a lot!) and it’s just me and I am human. Thanks for understanding.

        **Also please know that my view of comments is different than what is seen on the site- I don’t get to see all the comments on each post all together- they are shown in order of being made- so her comment simply got mixed in with the comments for the insert give away. Again- it is just me all alone answering questions, comments, emails, etc. If I ever don’t respond as quickly as you need please email me and I will respond as quickly as possible. Sometimes things fall into a crack ;)

      • says

        Apparently my response via my mobile phone did not post through earlier & I apologize. My CVS took the full value of the Head & Shoulders coupon ($9.49). I asked the manager about it and she said if the register takes the full amount that is what they take off. I didn’t include that in the post because not all stores follow that mindset- but most are. My apologies- I should have been clearer!

      • Cass says

        Kelly, you obviously know a thing or two about being rude! If you’re so dissatisfied with the response time on the site, I suggest that you cancel your subscription and demand a refund. Oh, that’s right – it’s a FREE site. So try being appreciative of the hard work that goes into the site instead of complaining!

        • kelly says

          First of you have no right to reprimand me. All your comment did was throw fuel to the fire.The situation was rectified so next time. Please keep your nose out of other peoples business.

  9. Laurie Cervar says

    I just left CVS and this deal ended up being even better than I thought! I knew what my OOP was going to be and it was much lower than I thought! First, at the kiosk, I got a $2 off of $10 for head and shoulders and then when the cashier was scanning my coupons, she said wow, you are getting a great deal on this head and shoulders. I looked at my receipt when I got it because it was so much lower than I thought it was going to be and on the B1G1 head and shoulders coupon, it took off $9.49 instead of the $4.99 sale price. I looked at an extra coupon that I did not use and it says on it, free up to $9.49. The cashier said that it did not ask her for the actual price, so she left it. So I got four at $4.99 each, took off 2 B1G1 coupons at $9.49 each made it .49 cents for 2 plus a $1 off coupon made four of them free. So, here is a question for you. If the cashier makes the mistake, do you go back and say something? She acknowledged it when she scanned the coupon but I didn’t realize what she was saying until after I got to my car and looked at it close. Is it their mistake and lucky you or do you say something?

    • says

      Some cashiers are adjusting it others are not. My store manager and I talked about it today and I was told if it doesn’t ask their store doesn’t adjust it. It sounds like your store was the same

      • Terra says

        Just got back from Cvs as well, I wasn’t sure how the head and shoulders coupon would ring up, but did really well. It took off the 9.49 as well.
        I got 6 bottles of shampoo, 3 body washes, 3 dawns,tea mix 3 facial cleaners,
        total was 4.22 plus got back 10.00 and will need to pick up another oil of olay for rebate, before Sept 15
        Thanks ladies for all the help, btw I wasn’t sure if my store would let you use both head and shoulders b1g1 free and 1.00 off and other Oil of Olay coupons, I had them in a different stack to ask. The manager himself, checked me out and said we will try, it depends on how the coupon is printed. So if anything needed adjusting he would have known,

  10. Jennifer Willis says

    I made out great as well. I didn’t get the $9.49 price but still ended up earning 77¢ after ECB and okay rebate. I didn’t get the $5 ECB on beauty club either. Didn’t about it until I got home and looked at this again. Do you know why I wouldn’t get it?

  11. Brandy says

    I don’t have the $3/2 facial wash q so I am going to try a different approach. If I buy the facial cleanser at $3.74 and a body wash at $5.99 can I use the free body wash with purchase of cleanser AND the $1 off olay body wash q in the same transaction?

  12. Ava says

    I went to CVS yesterday… my first time couponing at a drug store. I was quite surpised! I bought 4 Oil of Olay body washes, 4 packs of Oil of Olay face cleaner wipes, and 2 bottles of Head and Shoulders I used 2 BOGO facal cleansers/body wash and 3 $1 off body wash Qs, BOGO Head and shoulders. My total at the register was $20.44 then, I got a $5 ECB, and $10 mail in rebate! I am ecstatic! My OOP was $5.44!!!! WOW!!!! Finally, something worked right!

  13. judy says

    when you fill out the rebate, some of the upc #s are the same. should i still list each item even if the upc #s are the same?

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