HOT deal at Target (please read ENTIRE post)


I saw this deal posted all over Coupon World & since I prefer to test things myself before posting I dragged my tired self to Target :)

When you buy (3) Nivea trial size tins at .87 each you **should** get a $5 gift card- instant money maker!

You will pay $2.61+ tax and get a $5 gift card but you won’t.

BUT the card doesn’t automatically activate because the total is less than $5.  I took my picture of the tag over to Customer Service and they fixed it, giving me the gift card.  My store had ALOT- this picture was taken AFTER I got mine.

I got 12- paid $6 (I used a previously earned $5 gift card) and got a $20 gift card back.   Since I didn’t want to cause them any more issues, we decided to purchase all of them in a single transaction.  I could have done them separate and had $0.00 out of pocket but I figured I was already coming out SO far ahead I wasn’t going to push my luck.


In fact, at the store I visited- the manager said she was taking the tag down.  So attempt this at your own risk.  I am sure there are other scenarios that will be awesome too- if you find one let me know!  I was too tired to do math in the store!



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  1. Cassandra says

    Usually with Target gift cards you have to purchase the amount of the gift card before coupons. So with a $5 gift card your total has to be $5 or more. If you do that then you should be fine, no beeps! :)

  2. Sindy says

    With any Target gift card deal you must at least meet the total of the gift card before the gift card will be prompted by the system. So trying to get three of the .87 trial sizes and getting the gift card is actually in violation of Target policy. You are lucky they gave you the gift card because that is against their policy. Just keep that in mind for any Target gift card deal. (Total is before coupons so there are many great deals that can be done using the coupons from last weeks paper)

    • says

      I avoid violating ANY store’s policy but that is not what the sign said – it said Buy any 3, get a $5 gift card. When she looked up the “sale” on their POS it said to buy (3) of the ,87 Nivea get a $5 gift card. That’s why they gave it to me. If they had said “You need to spend $5″ then I would have as you said there are several other items that make good deals.

  3. melanie says

    how can a manager take a tag down if it is an advertised promotion? aren’t all stores supposed to participate?

    • says

      Apparently stores get to set their own rules! If they made a decision NOT to set a limit that had to be met prior to the deal- that was their error. They should update the offer as a chain.

  4. Stacey says

    well, I tried this today in Burlington. They did not have a sign under these, only under the lotions. It didn’t work for me. :( But hey, it was worth a try! Thanks anyways!!!

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