Lowes Foods Unadvertised Deals Update SUPER DOUBLES

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Lowe’s Foods is Super Doubling coupons $2 and under starting tomorrow 4/24!

The first part of this list is the additional deals I found…then after that is the other lists I’ve posted previously.  The spreadsheet versions will be updated later tonight!

Unadvertised Deals

E-offer, Limit 2
Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Shelf Stable
Health & Beauty


Any post on this website may include Affiliate Links.
See my Disclosure and Privacy Policy here.


  1. Nikki says

    Quick question…when I printed the $2/1 Addidas coupon it says “Only at Walmart” is it ok to use at Lowes? TIA!!

  2. D says

    Question on the $2 GE Catalinas I have been collecting…if I use those tomorrow (and they happen to double), does that count toward the max 20 Qs per day that double?

  3. Cammi says

    Mott’s Snack and go will be free. On sale or $2, and there’s a $1.10 coupon on Coupon Network.

  4. lovey says

    Just went to Lowe’s…..here were my. Issues.

    Hormel q did not double and they couldn’t tell me why and didn’t override it.
    Ge light bulb did not give Catalina
    Adidas they no longer sell

    Good luck everyone!!

  5. Bea says

    Hello all,
    anyone try to get the Gillette Custom Plus? At my Lowe’s they rang up as $9.59, and when she checked the on-line shopping price, the SKU code of what’s listed didn’t match what they had in store. But the $4.34 price is the only Custom Plus they have listed for the on-line shopping. :-( Thanks for any feedback!

  6. Jennie says

    I just got an email from Aisle 50 for Finish dishwasher items. The way it is described, you are getting a $9.78 discount at the register and paying $5 to Aisle 50. I have only ever done the freebies and am wondering if it would be possible to use coupons on this deal. There are 1.25 qs out that would double and make them free if it would go through. Any idea if this might work?

    Thanks for all your hard work!

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