My plan for shopping this week


I got several emails and messages asking what I was planning on buying this week so here are my lists!

Harris Teeter:

Value: $49.64

OOP: $0.05 + tax (approx $1)

Total items: 21 items

Savings: 99.9%

Lowes Foods:

Total ValueL $50.47

OOP: $14.47

Items: 17

savings 71%

Food Lion:
Value: $8.99

OOP: $2.99

Savings: 66.7%


Total Plan:

Value: $109.10

OOP: $17.51

Savings: 84%

Total items: 41 items or 43 cents each!


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  1. Brooke says

    Is it just me or is the HT ad not nearly as impressive as usual?? I am not even planning a trip and I usually have trips mapped out for the entire week. I may go once before the week is over to grab a few things.

    • Cassandra says

      I agree! I’m usually excited about super doubles but this time only a couple of things caught my eye.

    • allyse says

      I agree brooke…it seems their previous SDs had a lot more matchups and better deals. Hopefully upcoming ones will be better!

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