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UPDATE: This promotion has been confirmed as offered at Harris Teeter! See HERE for details! It says it will print a catalina!

I am ONLY getting second hand info on this and I have been unable to find anything official from P&G about this rebate- but they are saying this is the deal:

Purchase $25 in Procter & Gamble products in the same transaction and get a Free Pink Bakeware set!

Set includes:
3 Piece Mixing Bowl Set with Lid
Silicone Baking Sheet
Tin Cookie Sheet
Oven Glove
3 Piece Measuring Cup Set

Purchase $25 in one transaction between 9/28 and 10/31.  Limit one set per household.

Some places are saying it is a rebate form that is in-store. Some places say you must get a printed catalina at the end to get the deal and others are saying that you do not need the form that you just have to send this information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone #
  • Retailer name
  • last 5 digits of UPC of all products purchased
  • Receipt

And mail it to :

P&G Cancer Awarness Promotion

PO Box 49221

Strongsville, OH 44149

I repeat again: I DO NOT have any first hand, verified information on this.  So, do this deal at your own risk! {i.e. please don’t tell at me if it does not work} My suggestion is to NOT do this deal unless you find the real rebate form and have it in hand.

Per request I am matching up EVIC and paper coupons for Harris Teeter, one of the rumored participating stores.

Tampax Pearl 3.99 (after coupons 1.99)

  • evic $1
  • .50 ($1 doubled) paper

Always pads $3 (after coupons $1.50)

  • .50 evic
  • $1 paper

Oral B Battery 5.99 (FREE after coupons)

  • $3 paper
  • $3 Evic

Head & Shoulders 4.99

  • $1 paper

gillette body wash 2.99 ($1 money maker!)

  • $2 paper
  • $2 body wash

Old Spice Deodorant $3.29 (1.29)

  • $1 evic
  • $1 paper

Old Spice body spray (3.49- .51 overage!)

  • $2 evic
  • $2 paper

Febreze air effects (2.99) (.99 after coupons)

  • $1 paper
  • $1 evic

Bounce 40 ct 2.75 (.50 after coupon)

  • .75 paper
  • .75 evic

Dawn 9 oz .99 (.24 after coupons)

  • .25 paper
  • .25 evic

Swiffer Starter kit 7.99

  • Get refill free (4.99 on sale)

Swiffer Dust & Shine 3.99

  • Buy 1 get 1 free

Scope 710mL (33.8 oz) 3.49 (.49 after coupon)

  • 1.50 paper
  • 1.50 digital


My Scenario:

Oral B Battery 5.99 – $3 digital – $3 paper= .01 overage

gillette body wash 2.99 – $2 paper – $2 digital = .99 overage

Old Spice body spray 3.49- 2 paper – $2 digital= .51 overage

Dawn 9 oz .99 -.25 paper – .25 digital= .24

Swiffer Starter kit 7.99 +refill free (4.99 on sale) minus 4.99 paper= 7.99


total value (sales price)$26.44

Total OOP: $6.24

Another option (not for me because I like to buy things I will use)

Buy 8 Covergirl powder puffs @ 3.19 each use 4 $8/2 making them all free (HT will adjust your coupon down so you will lose $2 on each coupon.  You would be better to that type of deal at Walmart)

total value: $25.52

Total OOP: only tax



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  1. anahita says

    My friend picked up a printed catalina from HT a few days back stating this starts tomorrow for a week and that everything has to be submitted by the following week I think. We will be doing the P&G deal tomorrow. I read that if your store doesn’t spit out catalinas, such as Publix in the south, that’s where they have to submit this form: http://www.everydaypgsavings.com/ . Otherwise just your receipt and your contact information on a piece of paper mailed to them is enough also.
    I also read that it has to be certain products.
    There are lots of P&G deals going on – Giant has one, Rite Aid, HT, I found a Pink Rebate, http://www.pgpinkrebate.com/pink_rebate.pdf, whereas it is not a specific store, but rather a combination of beauty and hair care items, spend $50 (doesn’t mention at once, in one store!), get $10 MIR – Venus, Olay, Secret, CoverGirl, Pantene, Safeguard, Ivory, Aussie, Herbal Essence – and $10 will also be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. – this deal starts from 9/1-10/31. That’s good because I bought 4 Pantene Shampoos last week at Giant with my Free Pantene coupons.

  2. Cheryl V says

    Do you know if this is before or after coupons? Is it all P and G products?
    My thinking is this if the offer is valued before coupons..
    2 Tide.. $4.77 each.. use 2 $.50 coupons to make it $.3.77 each
    1 Downy Unstoppable $5.99.. use the $2 MF coupon and I have a $2 E vic. $1.99
    1 Downy.. $3.49 Use $.50 coupon and $.75 Evic. $1.75
    3 dawn.. $.99 each.. use $.50 coupons and one evic.. $1.25
    3 Always.. $ 3 each.. $.50 coupon( 3 and one Evic for $.50)_ $5.50
    1 charmin mega roll for $6.99 use $ 2 coupon and $.25 coupon.. $4.75

    Total before coupons would be estimated at .. $34 plus tax.. after coupons.
    $22.75. I need all this stuff anyway. But I would love the freebie, if I can get it.Thanks if you can help. …

  3. Porshia says

    Don’t forget its before tax like I did! Uggggh now I have to do this again with a different vic card bc I used my Zvr coupons! But my question is Jessie how do you always know the correct HT price of items? I ask bc several items I purchased were not marked down to the sale price (such as the scope, febreze spray, & old spice spray) but when I got to the register it was exactly the price you said it would be! :)))

    • MoolaSavingMom says

      I use their express lane shopping tool to check prices ;) You don’t have to pay for an “order” until you place it!

  4. anahita says

    I did this P&G deal this morning at HT with CoverGirl makeup. I did 2 separate transactions, and after various coupons that I had, my total came down to $0.03. And the Catalina spit out a form saying Congratulations, you have earned a bakeware set (or something like that, I left the receipt in my car). So I did another transaction, where the total was $25 before coupons and this one came down to $1.70 and I still got another form from the Catalina. So it is before coupons :) have fun ladies.

  5. Porshia says

    Anahita please share exactly what you purchased in your transactions so we can duplicate your GREAT savings!!!

  6. Niki says

    I got the catalina today, without intentionally trying, so I’ll have to look through my (very long) receipt and figure out what PG items I bought, since I have to do that anyway as part of the form. I’ll be excited to get the goodies in the mail!

  7. Shelli H. says

    Can someone please help me figure out what went wrong & what I can do about it?

    I bought $27.01 worth of P&G items (before coupons) from the official list at http://storepromotionmanager.com/HarrisTeeter/images/promo/pdf/1317742191fly_P&G_20111011_GM.pdf. I didn’t get the bakeware set Catalina. :-( I know the printer was working because it gave me a Catalina for $10/1 Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush, which I don’t want. Here’s what I bought:

    2 Tide detergent, 50 oz @ 9.54 (two $0.50/1 MQ & one $1/1 ZVR)
    1 Gillette body wash @ 2.99 ($2/1 MQ & $2/1 ZVR)
    1 Old Spice body spray @ 3.49 ($2/1 MQ & $2/1 ZVR)
    1 Oral B Cross Action toothbrush @ 5.99 ($3/1 MQ & $3/1 ZVR)
    2 Oral B floss @ 5.00 ($1.50/2 MQ & $1.50/1 ZVR)

    Total before coupons = $27.01
    Total after coupons & tax = $8.77

    Please help! Thank you.

    • MoolaSavingMom says

      You can try calling P&G at 888-826-2964. It seems some are getting it and others are not!

  8. Janice says

    I went to Harris Teeter today and spent around $27 of P&G stuff but the rebate did not print out so I called P&G 888-826-29645. They said I don’t need the rebate form, I can just mail my name and address on a paper along with the reciept to:

    Cooking up early detection
    PO Box 49309
    Department C
    Strongsville OH 44149-0309

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