P&G Rebates update


I have sad, sad news.  In the past whenever P&G has run a rebate offer the required money limit has been calculated BEFORE coupons.  Now they are saying that the $50 for the $10 mail in rebate and the Harris Teeter rebate offer must be met AFTER coupons.

I personally doubt I will spend $50 on any proctor & gamble products so I am sitting this rebate out. I had already sent out my form and receipts for my Food Lion Purchase.


NOW I called BACK to P&G and spoke to a different rep:  Brian.  Brian says that as long as $50 WORTH is on the receipt they will send the rebates back.  We shall see..



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  1. Violet says

    I just learned this today as I received my visa rebate card in the mail for my dissatisfied swiffer purchase (the “mop” doesn’t mop anything). The main problem with my rebates was the fact the PG took the value of my Register Reward coupons away from my full rebate! I was so mad because the value of the swiffer mop was $21 and with my register reward it was $11. They only refunded me the $11! When did the register reward become a PG coupon? I am writing them an angry letter right now because had I know this, I would have never wasted my RR on the product.

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