Prepping for Super Doubles


Here is what I am doing today to make my Super Doubles week even better.

1. Check out the list of Harris Teeter & Lowe’s Foods deals up already to start cutting my FREE items (and really cheap) items coupons.  I can make lists with them later but this saves me time now.  All my Smart Balance coupons have been cut and crave cat treats.

2. Give this list to your Harris Teeter & Lowe’s Foods store managers.  I highlight the items I want to purchase.  This at least gives them a heads up that you plan to buy 21 Crave Cat treats or 21 Smart balance milks over the course of the week. Of course, it depends on your store if they will take the advice but my store is SUPER about trying to ensure everything is in stock.

3. Check, Red Plum, Coupon Network, Smart Source, Cell Fire for any coupons I want.

4. Load all E-vic coupons.

5. Double Check my rainchecks- check for new coupons to use on them using the Coupon Database.



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