RUMOR: Harris Teeter Super Doubles


I hate posting rumors until I get confirmation 100% but with all the emails and messages I felt I needed to say something.

Harris Teeter stores will be running SUPER DOUBLES again (starting 3/6) BUT IN SELECT LOCATIONS ONLY.  The locations I am hearing is the Triad and  Triangle of NC and Tennessee Locations ONLY.  This is unconfirmed (I never confirm until I see the ad myself) but I am confident in my sources.
I do NOT have the specific stores that this will be happening at only the generic locations.  I promise as soon as I know which stores I will share.

I will be starting a list in the next day or so but we also expect new coupons tomorrow so I am trying to hold off until then.  I promise to let you know when we have better intel – but based on the number of emails and comments I’ve gotten word has already started to leak out!


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  1. Aline says

    My hubby is a vendor there and one of the employees told him today that they r having SD next week :)

    • says

      I am 90% confident because the corp. email went out…..I just can not bring myself to Confirm 100% until I SEE the ad myself…but that doesn’t stop me from starting a list:)

  2. Talia Gerber says

    If not at least my HT still does them every Weds. the nice thing about Publix being up the road.

    • Colleen says

      Confirmed by my cashier this morning in the Raleigh area. While I love SD’s, I’m a little worried about this buyout thing.

  3. christie patterson says

    Speaking of rumors, my husband said that Harris Teeter is entertaining the idea of being bought out by another grocery company. That concerns me, as they seem to have the very best sales/coupon deals/ evic offers. Heard anything?

  4. Julie says

    I was just at Harris Teeter. And the manager checked me out and said that they are doing super doubles again next week because they didn’t get their quotes for that week. Thats for North Carolina.

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