Super Doubles Trip #1


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So I hit up 3 stores today- Harris Teeter, Lowe’s Foods & Food Lion

You can see the matchups for these deals at the link above.

Harris Teeter:

3 Crave cat treats= free

2 Gold peak tea= free

1 Aquafresh kids .21 overage

Garnier fructis= free

2 Very Cherre juice= .99 each

3 Kashi steam meals= free with raincheck

3 McCain Purely potates= .69 each

3 Smart balance milk= free with raincheck

1 Smart balance butter= free wyb milk

2 I can’t believe it’s not butter= free

Total value: $56.42

OOP: 69 cents

Savings: 98.8%


Lowe’s Foods:

2 Disney Pillsbury cookies = FREE (clearance)

3 TurkeyHill ice cream= $1 each

4 Nesquick syrup= $3.40 for 4

6 Hershey Syrup $6.54 for all 6

2 Nathans hot dogs= $3.98 for 2

1 Eggo = FREE

1 Lowes Foods water 24 pk = $2.99

Ricotta Cheese used $1/1 Lowes Foods booklet= 2.99 (I want lasagne!)

Used $10/$50 Harris Teeter coupon

Total value: $56.29

OOP: $12.88

Savings: 77.1%

(My OOP was lower than expected because their system was NOT doubling coupons so they were manually adding up the coupons and adding that amount as a discount.  They didn’t take the time to do it item by item so I made money on the cookies!)


Food Lion:

2 Milk bites $2.50-$1= $1.50 minus $1 instant savings= .50 each

1 Mio water $3.99- $1.25 kiosk coupon -$1 instant savings= $1.74

value: $10.35

OOP: $2.92

savings: 71.8%



VALUE: $123.06
OOP: $16.49


Total items: 23 items or 72 cents each! I am happy!


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  1. Jamie says

    My Harris Teeter Trip for today (doing Lowes Foods later)

    3 Smart Balance Milk = $2.97
    2 8th Cont. Soy Milk = $1.94
    2 Dentyne Gum = $0.38
    1 Fructis Conditionor = $0.99 (evic Q did not come off, will have to try that one again)
    1 Milk Bites = $0.29
    2 Kraft Singles (Slices) = $2.00
    1 HT Reg Cream Cheese = $2.47 (daughter had to have this, had no Q!!)
    1 Brkstn Sour Cream = $.50
    2 Alexia Sweet Potato Fries = $2.00
    Tums Freshers = $1.50 OVERAGE ($1.50 manf Q & $1.50 evic Q)
    3 Crave Cat Treat = FREE
    1 Philly Indulge = FREE
    1 Fresh Take = FREE

    Total Value = $71.70
    Purchase Price = $13.11 – paid with a HT Gift Card which I purchased with my $10/$50 Recycle Bank Q and a $50.00 rebate debit card from purchasing my daughters contact lenes a few months ago. So really no $$ OPP

    • Jessie says

      I had a hard time getting the Garnier coupon to come off the evic too. My husband was able to use it though when he got the clear bottle of garnier shampoo.

      • Melanie says

        I’ve had a lot of trouble with evics lately, but since I check my receipt and know my total I just go to customer service and they fix it.

  2. Kristen Pruett says

    Harris Teeter trip~

    1 Crave 1.69-$1Q=free
    Purex Crystals 4.99-$1Q doubled=2.99
    Minute Maid Juice pouches 2.79-$1Q=0.79
    Gain softner 3.49-$1Q & 2 $1 evics= 0.51 overage
    2 Rice Krispie treats 2.29 each-$1/2=1.29 each
    Carpet Fresh 1.69-$1Q=free
    2 Vanity Lunch napkins 2/$5-2 $1Q & $1 evic=free
    Fig Newtons 3.49-$1Q=1.49
    Starbuck coffee 5.97-$1.50Q=2.97
    2 J&J baby oil 2.99ea-2 $1Q=0.99ea
    Fructis conditioner 2.99-$1Q & $1 evic=free
    Band-aids 2.50-$1Q=0.50
    2 ICBINB 2.19ea-2 $1.25Q=free
    2 packs strawberries 3.00
    Kraft singles 2.00
    IBC Cream Soda 3.50 (My 8 year old LOVES this and it was on sale from reg 4.19. He knows I only buy it on sale and he has been out for a few weeks.)
    Total OOP=22.35 Total saved 65.00

    The Cloverdale store was very well stocked, there wasn’t anything that I had on my list that they were out of. My Fructis ZVR came off with no problems, I didn’t realize that I had 2 Gain softner ZVRs and I didn’t know I had the Vanity napkin ZVR, so I was happily surprised with them.

  3. Inez says

    HT Total Value= $72.63 Oop=$ 21.60
    LF Total Value= $23.17 Oop $9.68

    I have issues with coupons at LF every time I go there, today was no exception, they have problems scanning the coupons and when they manually overide some double, some do not. B1G1 free are especially troublesome, it usually takes 2 to 3 people 15 minutes to figure out how to key in the coupon properly. What area LF do you shop at?

  4. Crysta says

    On the smart balance milk/ free butter deal, are you able to get free butter with each milk purchase or 1 free butter each transaction??

  5. andrada says

    MSM, were you able to find the alloute spreadable cheese? My HT only had the 6.99 one – I did not know if I ‘m looking in the wrong place, maybe? TY

    • Melanie says

      My HT had a few flavors marked “Special” and priced at 2.99 but they were expiring in like a week. I gave my coupon to a very thankful and excited lady who was buying some for a dinner party tonight since I wouldn’t eat it that fast. :)

  6. angie b says

    i notice u hav the the single tub of the SB butter. i was going by the pic on the shelf tag which that store didnt carry. So…i cud have gotten the tub right?

  7. says

    I love when the trip turns out so great that you end up paying out of change purse :) Congrats on all the trips. Our Bloom close to the house closed and I wanted to try the Food Lion farther away but I haven’t put in the effort yet with all these great HT deals. Maybe I will add that on to my stores to try :) Thanks for the exciting shopping trips!!

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