Target Ad and Coupons Matchups 7/21-7/27


At Target you can stack a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon. Be sure to bring your own bags- you will get a 5 cent discount for each one used. If you use your Target card (credit or debit) you get a 5% instant discount.

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  1. Dawn scott says

    Thanks so much for all the hard work you do and then sharing it with everyone else! I do have a question, I am new to this and my sister turned me on to your site and a couple others, my question is can you use more than one coupon on the same product or is it only when that store offers a double coupon? I am a little confused on how so many people save such large amounts of money at once or can you direct me to a site that explains how couponing works? thanks in advance if you are able to answer me.

    • says

      Well you are at the right site to learn how to coupon ;) you can use (1) store coupon and (1) manufacturer coupon per item at target plus you can use te target cartwheel to save another % off.

      It’s all about finding the sale and matching it to coupons, which is what I do here at MSM.

      Start here and please ask about anything that doesn’t make sense. Also what stores are you going to be shopping? I can gve you more links that will help with those stores

      • Dawn scott says

        Wow! that was a fast reply! Thank you, I am in Cleveland Ohio, so I have the basic drugstores but grocery stores is giant eagle, acme, heinens, (which I never shop at it is crazy expensive) and Sava a lot (which we do our bulk of shopping at but I DO NOT like this store, so if I can do better at other stores I would be thrilled) do you clip every coupon you come across or just the ones you know you use? Thanks for any links you can give me in my area

        • says

          I only clip what I am going to use when I plan on using it. I call it the whole insert method. I am not at my computer to get you a link but I will when u get back (free movie in the park night) . Also I will email you if that Is ok

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