Triad Area Friends: FREE Keurig Coffee Machine

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Do you have an old drip coffee machine?  Trade it up and get a FREE Keurig machine! See all the details here.

Here’s the details:

1) Select locations ONLY at 10 am. on select dates (Greensboro, NC)

Sat. Sept 7: Greensboro Colisiuem 10
Sun, Sept 8: Jaycee Park
Thur. Sept 12 Center City Park
Sat Sept 14 Colisiuem Complex/Aquatic Center

2)  Turn in your old drip coffee machine.   Limit 1 per household.  Bring a bill showing your address and an ID.

3) Get a FREE Keruig Brewer.

A HUGE Thanks to Meya H. for emailing me about this!   She said, “I just got mine yesterday. They began passing out the coffee makers at 10am. As a warning arrive no later than 6:30am and you will need your ID or bill with your name and current address. There were people in line at 4am. I arrived close 7am and almost didn’t make the cut to receive a free Keurig. They give out a limited number of coffee makers and pass out that number of wrist bands.  I was in line for 7 hours and I was not too far from the end of the line. :


Any post on this website may include Affiliate Links.
See my Disclosure and Privacy Policy here.


  1. Bridgette says

    My coffee pot just quit working this past weekend. Does the coffee pot you trade in have to be working, or do they check for that?

  2. Miz Flu says

    No waiting in line for me. I already own a Keruig K10. Recieved an offer from Keruig on yesterday for a FREE K65. Logged onto their website and entered the coupon code provided. Absolutely 100% FREE. No shipping charges or taxes, The small print at the bottom says that I’m agreeing to be solicited/contacted by Keruig for special offers. Promises to NOT sale or share my info..right! Had to provide my name, address, email and phone number. They already had my name and address so I figured what the heck…they could contact me by mail and not give me anything! :) At any rate, I’ve recieved an email confirmation for my order. I’m super excited!

  3. Keshia Smith says

    Where do you sign up to get the coupon via email for a free Keurig or a $30 Keurig? Every since I got mine, my friends want one?

  4. Janet says

    I got a mailer in the mail yesterday for a 30 buck Keurig (120 bucks off the regular price) so naturally, I ordered one. I’m in Virginia and the fine print says the offer is only available to legal residents of North Carolina or Wisconsin so I’m curious about that. Anyway, I’m jealous y’all got a completely free one!

  5. Lala says

    I went to an event at the coliseum and was turned away because I arrived too late. To my surprise, a mailer directly from Keurig offered me a free one by ordering on their website. Sure enough, I entered the coupon code and it was completely free including shipping. I’m not sure how they got my name and address (I never gave it out) but I went ahead and did it.

    It arrived yesterday.

  6. Brittany says

    If anyone has an extra or doesn’t want their coupon I would love it! I am in charge of getting door prizes for a huge school related event and I could use the Keurig as the grand prize!!! Thanks in advance!

  7. Jennifer says

    I got one for only $100 off, I paid 49.99, so I am really jealous. I think it may still be a good deal though?

  8. nanny says

    I really want a keurig! Please tell me how yall get a free one im a single mother and cant spend much money :( but i want one really bad! Pleassee tell me how! Thanks in advance God bless you!

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