Tuesday Totals 5/8/12


This week I started with a budget of $75.29.  I had my regular budget of $55 plus $20.29 left over from last week.  I write these posts to keep myself on track- If I have to come home and record it right away- I can see how much I am spending out of pocket!

My final weekly totals:

Value: $209.08
OOP: $49.93

*WOW I feel like I spent a lot this week but I was still under my $55 a week budget.

Now, “normal” people may look at this and say “She didn’t buy any REAL food! How does she feed her family buying just this?”  It’s because I have a stockpile!  This week it was shampoo, tortilla chips, a few veggies & fruits, some sausages and cookies…yeah real healthy.  But it’s because my stockpile supplies everything else for our meals! 

I have realized that I go to the store FAR too often- but I blame much of that on my job!- finding deals!   I like to try the deals I share!

TRIPS 1 &2:

Lowe’s Foods:

(4) Grande chips used (4) .75/1 coupons = FREE + .07 in tax

Total value: $12.03

OOP: .07

Savings: 99.4%

Food Lion:

3 transactions @ 2 stores’

12 Pantene used B1G1 coupons

4 Secret Deodorant used $1/1

Total value: $71.74

OOP: $15.50 submitting for  a $10 MIR

Savings (before rebate) 78.3% (after rebate) 92.3%

Trip totals:

VALUE: $83.77
OOP: $15.57
SAVINGS: 81.5% before rebate

Left over in budget: $59.72

Trip 3:

Harris Teeter:
2 Keebler Cookies
1 Nabisco Cookies
1 Hillshire farms gourmet creations

VALUE: $15.26
OOP: $1.61
Savings: 89.5%

Left in budget: $58.11

Trip 4:

Have you ever had a trip you wish you could start all over?  I did today.  One coupon refused to scan at Lowe’s Foods.  And since it was an internet coupon they wouldn’t accept it.  Put that item back.

Then I forgot to give my coupons to the cashier at Harris Teeter and since I was getting something for my mom the high total didn’t alert me!  We had to rering the order.  THEN I realized one of my coupons was expired!  My kids were all excited over the pink lemonade I bought it anyway!

Lowes Foods:
4 Grande chips & 1 Pop tart at Lowes foods (my 2nd coupon would not scan- sigh)

OOP: $1.09
Savings: 92.5%

Harris Teeter:
1 HIllshire Farm Gourmet Creations
2 Davidson Eggs
1 Simply Lemonade

VALUE: $13.86
OOP: $3.74
Savings: 73%

Trip Totals:
OOP: $4.83
Savings: 83%

Left in budget: $53.28

Trip 5:

I went to Aldi & Harris Teeter today:

At Aldi I splurged on Chocolate donuts.  My twins and I needed a pick me up after leaving their dad & older sister at their airp

ort :(


Cocolate Donuts


(2) pks Green Peppers

OOP: $7.18

Harris Teeter:

2 24 pk Water (not pictured)

Value: $15.10

OOP: $6.06

Savings; 40%

Total Trip:

Value; $$22.28


Savings: 40.5%

Left in budget: $40.04

 Trip 6:

Harris Teeter:

(3) Mission tortillas $3.09

6 MIlkways
2 24 pk waters (not pictured)

Total OOP: $0.00 (used ECB and previously earned ECB)


2 Pepperidge Farms cookies

1 Witch Hazel

1 Lanacane

OOP: $0.00 (used a $10 gift card I got when we had a RR printing issue and they gave me a gift card instead)


12 Nivea creme tins

OOP: $6.61

Received: $20 gift card

Total Value: $41.48



Recieved: .75 ecb, $9 RR, $20 Target gift card

Left in budget: $30.35


Final trip:

Lowes Foods:

(2) Grande Chips

(3) Ball Park Buns

(2) lunchables (no coupon- marked down)

Tota value: $17.79

OOP: $4.99

Savings: 71.9%

Left in Budget: $25.36



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  1. Brooke says

    Holy cow that is a lot of trips. The only time I make so many trips in 1 week is during SD’s or triples.. I am lucky to make it to HT, Bi-lo & CVS in the same week! Question though, how come you don’t just buy some of these items in the same trip? Like why did you not just get the water and tortillas in the same trip as the cookies and just make 1 trip instead of 3?? I know they have limits of 3 like coupons but you didn’t seem to buy more than 3 of anything! Just curious! I’m jealous I can’t shop as much!!

    • says

      As part of my deal searching I spend a lot of time int he stores :)One trip may be to get a sneak peek at the ad (hence my Facebook winks!) or to pick one up, etc. I also bring my matchups to my store so I am generally in the stores 3-4 times a week for NON-shopping reasons! I am working on reducing my trips!

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