Update: P&G Rebate


There is one thing I REALLY dislike it is providing wrong information.  It drives me bananas which is why I attempt to check everything I post.

So, when two different MSM friends contacted me to say that P&G said that their $10 mail in rebate wyb $50 of P&G products had to meet the $50 AFTER coupons- I called them.

Their rep told me Yep, $50 had to be paid out of pocket.

So I posted.  And then I called back, and was told NO, it was $50 BEFORE coupons.  So I wrote them.And this was the response.  I am saving it to my computer (as well as posting here) so if anyone does NOT get their rebate we can discuss it with P&G.



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  1. Stacie says

    Just so you know, it’s always your before coupon total (I work for the company…not on here representing the company, just a follower of yours on FB!)
    Think of it this way, since not everyone uses coupons, the only way to keep it consistent is a before coupon total…so not to “penalize” those of us smart and savvy enough to get a better deal! :)

    • says

      It has always been that way in the past but 3 of us were told that it had to be AFTER coupons through the telephone # listed on the rebate :) Which is why we were freaking out.

  2. cathy says

    thanks for checking on this….not nice that they didn’t clarify that on the rebate form…
    before we mailed it in….

  3. Wendy says

    Thanks for the clarification. I mailed mine a few days ago, so I hope it all works out!
    Will P&G contact you if you are not getting your rebate for this reason or any other??

  4. beth says

    Hmm. well I just sent you a deal idea I had. I guess it is cheating the system if the coupons on the receipt don’t specify what they are for- I bought some things with a ton of other stuff and my receipt just says “coupon” for the various coupons I used.

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