Shopping Walgreens

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Walgreens Official Coupon Acceptance Policy

General Guidelines of their policy:

  • 1 Manufacturer and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) per item
  • Coupons will be reduced to retail price of item
  • No limit on the number of coupons but manager has discretion

Rewards Program: Balance Rewards

  • You can earn points in store and online.
  • You can earn points for making healthy choices (does that mean we lose points for buying bad “choices” like potato chips? just wondering!)
  • You can enroll in stores at checkout, at any photo kiosk, online at , on a mobile device beginning Sept 2nd
    Member only savings with the loyalty card
  • You can use a telephone number at checkout instead of showing the card
  • You can access your point totals at checkout, online or through mobile phone
  • You can also gain points with Walk with Walgreens, immunizations and (where allowed) prescriptions
  • Points will not expire as long as you shop at least once every 6 months and redeem points within 3 years


Here is how the points will work:

Rewards Program: Register Rewards

Register Rewards are a manufacturer’s catalina that is printed when a specific item (or purchase amount) is reached. We abbreviate Register Rewards as “RR”.

What makes a RR print?

Each week certain products in the store will produce RR.  These are usually noted in the weekly flyer and are posted on

What should I do with my RR?

The best thing to do with RR is to “roll them”.  This means use that RR to purchase another item that will produce an RR.   It gets a little tricky at Walgreens with rolling.

If you buy a Crest toothpaste that produces an RR and in a separate transaction you purchase another toothpaste and pay with the original RR a new RR will NOT print.  RR will not print if you use an RR from the same offer to pay for it. 

You CAN use that RR to pay for a different deal. Example:

Buy toothpaste at $2, get $2 RR from toothpaste

Buy crackers at $2, pay with toothpaste RR, get $2 RR from crackers

You could in fact keep alternating these transactions as long as your store lets you.  You will have to pay tax in most states on the retail price before coupons.

You will have to coupon count at Walgreens.

Walgreens accepts 1 manufacturer coupon per item and RR are manufacturer coupons.  You need to have the same (or more) number of products than you have manufacturer coupons. Here is an example:

Buy 1 toothpaste at $2

Have a 50-cent manufacturer coupon

Have a $1.50 RR from a previous purchase

Receive a $2 RR

The problem with this scenario is that there are more coupons than there are products (1 product, 2 coupons).  You will need a filler item.  Filler items are small, inexpensive items that allow you to use that second coupon (in this case the RR).

This secenario will work:

Buy 1 toothpaste at $2

Buy a small holiday pencil 10-cents

Have a 50-cent manufacturer coupon

Have a $1.50 RR from a previous purchase

Receive a $2 RR

Do I need to coupon count with Walgreens store coupons?

Not usually.  Walgreens coupons usually adjust the sales price of the item rather than discounting (same result, different processes to the computer).  Therefore you usually don’t have to coupon count the store coupons.

Where do I get Walgreens store coupons?

Walgreens store coupons come in several places.  There are often coupon savings books around the store, there is the monthly savings booklet at the front of the store and often there are coupons in their flyer as well. 

What order should I give them my coupons and does it make a difference?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  ALWAYS give money off total purchase coupons first (such as $5 off $25, etc).  Then give manufacturer coupons, then RR and finally store coupons.  Your pretax total must be greater than the RR which is why we don’t give it last.  The store coupons will usually still come off even if they are greater than the subtotal- hence they can help pay for tax. 

A Few Tips:

  • Shop Walgreens EVERY week or at least look at your RR.  Don’t let them expire on you!  They usually have varying days of expiration and no real pattern.
  • Look for in-store booklets of coupons.
  • Always get the monthly coupon booklet from the front of the store.
  • Sign up with Walk with Walgreens. You can earn coupons and other rewards for logging how much you walk.
  • Your store CAN fix it if your RR didn’t print but they may put up a fight.  You can just call the Catalina Company at 1-888-8COUPON and give the info off your receipt and your coupon will be mailed.
  • You can only use ONE coupon on a B1G1 sale.  To use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale- you will need 4 items in your cart.