Stocking up: Diapers

diaper stock up

My Isabella is now 10 months old!  How time flies.  I originally wrote this post before she was born.  I am happy to say that I had ONE extra size 1 package and 2 extra size 2 packages.  I am also lucky that I was able to “hand them down” to my sister who is expecting twins!

With my oldest, I was able to stock up on diapers as low as 99¢ a jumbo pack  when Eckerds went out of business and was being turned into a different store.  All of their store brand products went as low as 90% off.  I had all of my family members visit every Eckerd in their area to buy me diapers!  I didn’t buy any diapers for about 3 years!  Then we started potty training so I really did well with stocking up on diapers with her.  Then we had twins and while I stocked up, we still found ourselves having to buy more diapers of certain sizes.

I am lucky that my stock pile is large enough of diapers that I haven’t HAD to buy diapers!  I;m just picking them up as deals come along.   So I did research (and buying diapers of course!) This is what my research has turned up:

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